Friday, 2 September 2011

Ok finally its the day before.

How am i feeling? Kinda calm actually. A bit surreal like i cant believe this is happening. Is it really 3.9.11 tomoro?? Unbelievable. ( yea, i'm still marvelling at how fast time has flown by)..

Nervous, anticipation, stress.. Blahh i'm over it. The only thing that bothers me out of all this is that i have trouble sleeping, and i'm prone to running to the toilet when the rush of stress/nerves come. No, not to throw up. To err..shit. (shirley do u remember this! Haha so stupid)

What am i doing still blogging nw? Actually i'm waiting for the car deco to finish. Then i can pick up my wedding gown, flowers etc to go home.. I have abt an hour to waste nw..

Btw ..I'm loving my iphone (hypocrite).

Loving the apps. I'm beginning to (finally) understand why people are glued to their phones.

K bye


Nana said...

what you're having is called, nervous til laosai~
sounds funny but its true

Amy said...

hahahha I think I'm so stupid!! why so nervous!