Saturday, 17 September 2011

Updates on life now.

10 days challenge aside. I really want to talk about something more close to heart. Where to start hmm..

Last week, when it was all still very fresh..I laid in bed and watched cs snore, before I fell asleep. I smiled to myself because I can't believe we're married. Wow. When did that happen?

The whole of last week, I woke up once every night, because I was woken up by his snores. But I fell asleep immediately after, so no big deal.

Today, it is two weeks since we've been married. I'm getting more and more used to life together now. But I still don't like it when he goes to work at night or on Saturdays, and I'm left alone. The house seems too quiet and I keep hearing sounds. I know, silly. =.=

Both sets of parents are quite worried (I sense) about our diet. What do we eat these days, and are we getting enough nutrition.

My parents ask me to go home to eat and to go out for dinner with them. Cs' parents as well. Cs' mum in particular packs food and drinks for us two days in a row. Food such as rice, chicken wings, ngo hiam, liang teh etc etc that can last us for a week!

We are both so incredibly lucky.. Both sets of parents are worried we would starve to death! Haha!

Give me some credit lah!! I did make some fried noodles, fried rice and pasta salad(s) by myself ok. Cs, he sleeps while I cook, which is actually what I prefer.. No photos because they are in my phone still. :)

The only photo I have for now. Proof! Evidence! I am not useless after all. Heh heh.

I want to continue on but its 6pm and I really have to go get dressed for dinner and drinks. Drinks, because daddy apparently asked me to go out with them tonight. Again. :)

No complains though. Bye!

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