Saturday, 17 September 2011

10 day challenge: 8 fears

1) Pain. Physically and emotionally. Aih pain covers almost everything. Pain from being hurt/injured. Pain of losing loved ones.

2) Watching loved ones being in pain. Also both physically and emotionally.

3) Rats and lizards. Highlight if you want to read it.

I hate even writing down the names of those two things I fear. Argh. When I encounter the first one in public, I almost always make a scene and embarrass myself (and cs, I think)..

Allow me to explain. I have an example. Once upon a time, cs and I went to Happy Garden/Valley (I think that is the name) for dinner. Its the one opposite Crown Towers. That restaurant in a house.

So we were both enjoying our dinner. I was chatting happily oblivious, when cs suddenly said: Amy, I'm going to tell you something. He was very serious, and of course I immediately tensed. What what?

He said: there is a rat over there. I followed his eyes and what I saw was this huge fat rat running to our table from the drain!

I didn't think about it! I must have let out a scream and pushed the chair out and ran out from the restaurant. Leaving cs alone at the table.

I waited by the car for him to come out. Poor cs. According to him later, people were all watching him, he heard some people speculating, whether we were quarreling or what, and was I crying when I left. =.= kepo.

So cs paid the bill and came out to look for me. The taukenio/lady boss apparently noticed the rat because she apologized to cs for it. T___T

That was the last time I went to Happy Valley/Garden. (Forgot the name).

4) Falling sick and throwing up. I kinda dread being pregnant because I might throw up every morning for at least three months. T____T

My friend who is currently about 5 months pregnant tells me that she still throws up very often these days. And it gets very bad.. Scaring me to bits.

And I know not everyone throws up. I have another friend (Hi Nana) who didn't throw up even once throughout her pregnancy. So nice. Wish I'm like her in the future. :)

5) Heights. OK, actually not so much but I'm out of things to say. I don't really have an issue with this when I was younger (damn that makes me sound old), but nowadays I find I get a bit weak in the knees when I try to imagine myself bungee jumping. :)

6) So many things to fear ah? Voldermort come back to live!! Hahaha wtf!

7) Dementors because everyone says so. wtf again.

8) Above all, losing loved ones. Repeating this because this is the biggest fear.


Don't know if I can finish the 10 day challenge or not because the questions seem a bit boring and repetitive.


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