Monday, 12 September 2011

Now and then

Photos from my phone. They tell the stories of my everyday life. Cs is now watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - part 2. I have watched it already, and somehow watching the movie for a second time is really not very appealing. I keep comparing it to the book. Hmm..An hour more to go.

So how is married life?

Earlier today while we were in the shower, my bf husband turned to me and asked: are we really married? I smiled then because I still feel like that too. We do everything together, and we are still getting used to life together. But it feels surreal. Sept 3rd already feels like it has happened a long time ago.

I'm loving the apps on my phone. So much that I'm abusing leme leme, instagram, photo stitch and the captions! Heh. Kah Ling is right. I have a new addition - comic.

Yah, very vain shot.

Brought the car for a carwash. It was still Raya holidays and most carwash shops are closed, if not full. So we sat there for at least one hour waiting for the car. Grrr!! Too damn long.

Hence this photo.

This was taken at Riverside, after the morning church session. It took soo long to get rid of all the pins in my hair (its like looking for a needle(s) in a haystack), and washing all that hairspray out. Knots and bee hives in my hair. It took at least 30 mins (serious no joke!) just to wash it all out.

So we had about 20 mins left to ourselves before I had to go for hair and makeup again. =.= Looong day..:)

And I took these photos in the car in the morning of:

Kinda addicted to leme leme. :D

I have wanted a canopy bed for so long. I dreamed of it. I pestered him for it. I bought it.

Now I have it. I sleep under this with him every night, and it different! Hahaha wtf Amy! Women.

Turns out that what matters most is the person sleeping next to you, not the deco.

Super cute photo of Cherrie - this photo is my current wallpaper. I miss the little cutie.. I wonder does she miss me? Haih I wouldn't know really..Every time I go back with cs, Cherrie throws herself at cs and ignores me. Fail.

Half arsed update because I'm too tired to type. Really need to sleep now. Bye

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