Friday, 23 September 2011


I tried blogging from my phone. All photos from my phone, but then it turned out to be too much of a hassle, or I'm not used to blogging from my phone yet. Aahh anyway I gave up and used the laptop instead. /shamefaced. Oh well.

So, I made tuna pasta salad for my lunch on Friday. (Practicing healthy living and living up to my words of eating less instant noodles these days) Even boiled an egg to go with it. Healthy. But in my hurry to get to work on time, I forgot to pack a fork or spoon. Brilliant work sister!

Btw, I realized trying to eat healthy in Kuching can get quite pricey. Haih. I want to drink more milk and yoghurt, and fruits in the hopes that I can go to toilet easier. Some more, when trying to cook at home, buying all the ingredients are quite expensive.

Not expensive lah but it makes me think why don't we just go for a kolo mee/laksa/fried noodles etc for RM 3.50/4.00. Much cheaper, less hassle to cook, and simple food to just get it over with.Particularly for dinner when both of us are already tired and on nights when he has to rush off to work again. Boo. Oh well, at least I try. I will keep trying especially when I get my oven! :)

Thanks to Xiaxue and her apps (haha), Winnie and I are on a photo editing spree. I've downloaded photography apps such as leme leme and instagram but never the face makeover or facecam she recommended. Its so easy to use.

This photo of Cherrie below is edited using Instagram and Princess Cam. Also another app recommended by Xiaxue. Its very cutesy and fun to use. As you can see, Cherrie looks so much cuter now. Haha. Miss the lil cutie.

Here are a few more examples below. This is a before photo of Emily.

After photo of Emily. Ya, I know its way too bright. I'm very lazy when it comes to editing still. Lazy to tweak and learn more from the apps. :)

Unlike Winnie. Maybe her app got more features. This is her before photo:

Winnie after. Added lightening features, skin looks smoother. I think she also added liquify cos her face looks slimmer too. Apparently you can make your eyes bigger too. Kinda cool. Never knew it was that easy to edit photos. :)

Btw, in case you ever wanted to know the difference between camera quality of an iPhone 4 vs HTC Sensation, observe:

This is a photo taken with my iPhone 4. Horrific. My skin looks yellowish from the flash. I don't mean that the camera is that bad. Most of the other photos turn out okay, not that bad.

But actually most of my photos are of food, or I add leme effects or sepia or what not. So, I never noticed. But that day cs happened to take this photo of me with my phone, and then one more with his phone. Look at the difference:

Taken with iPhone 4.

Taken with HTC Sensation.

If you don't know already, HTC Sensation comes with 8 mega pixels, compared with iPhone's 5 MP. HTC also has dual LED flash at the back whereas my phone has only one. I didn't think there would be such a difference.

Cs and I are constantly trying to compete with each other over who has the better phone/apps/design. Haih but in this end, its kinda obvious. Husband 1; wife 0.

Actually, I was no iPhone fan at all. I initially wanted to get the HTC Incredible S, but cs who wanted to buy it for me on my birthday said it was out of stock. That is why I got my iPhone 4. No complains. I love my phone. Hypocrite fail! :)

After adding face cam, and princess cam. Voila!

This is another edited photo of the three of us, coincidentally all dressed in hot pink! Winnie and I were attending a wedding. Cs sent me from home, and Winnie went with Kevin, and mum went out with dad. Anyway, it was totally unplanned lah.

I'm so behind on my 10 day challenge. I'll get going on that soon. And if you're wondering where the hell are my wedding photos, its because I haven't got them yet! Waahhh..bawls endlessly. Its only my big day, no big deal. I'm in no hurry to see them really. Waaahh..

Wipes tears and takes big breath..


OK bye.


Kah Ling said...

Aha! I'm ahead of you in the 10 Days Challenge. Looooll.... I miss Cherrie. :(

Amy said...

Ya lorr..I need to hurry up!! :)
I miss her too..