Saturday, 3 September 2011

So for the second time today, i'm being left alone. In the hotel room this time. The honeymoon suite to be exact. Alone up here on the highest floor, i keep thinking i heard noises =.=

The rest of my family and friends are now welcoming the guests that arrive while i'm supposed to be up here hidden. Gulp. So i'm replying comments on fb ( if u were wondering why the bride is so free on her wedding day, this is why). I have an hour to waste again. Heh

Its been a long day already. I went to bed at abt 9 pm las night, fell asleep by abt 1030pm n woke up at 130am panicking. Tossed n turned in bed till 3 am when i gave up n went downstairs alone. My alarm was set for 330 anyway n the make up artist, photo n videographer were due to arrive at 4am. So early!!

Which also explains why there are 2 empty red bull cans in this room. One for cs, one for me. Its been years since my last can. Ahh exams, finals.. I miss u not..

Dont like being the only one up here. I get nervous n get myself all worked out when in fact other ppl are handling the stress right now even as i type this..

So relax. Deep breath.. Pretend you cant feel the stares.

Your compliments make me feel so humbled and shy. But happy nonetheless..

Wish me luck! :)


nc said...

Congratulations on your big day.
All the best to you both. Cheers.

Amy said...

Thank u. :)