Monday, 19 September 2011

6 Places!!

6 places! Before I start, I know 6 isn't enough already! There are so many places I want to go to.

If only I can apparate and disapparate, and take people along with me!! Or be a teleporter. Ahh how nice..

1) Maldives. Maldives. Maldives. Again and again. Or Seychelles would be nice too.

Heaven. Paradise.

This is Seychelles. I'm a sucker for beautiful beaches, soft white sandy shores, and crystal clear waters.

Actually, Mexico would be nice too. Mmmmmm..I'm thinking of that resort in the Sex and the city movie, where Carrie and the girls went on Carrie's honeymoon.

2) Venice. I have always wanted to go to Venice, Italy. But when I was in London and looking for people to go with me, there was no one. Nifer had already been there, and Shirley didn't want to. So there. :(

I'm gettin' on that gondola! Someday!

Now I'm stuck whining to cs about this, hoping and wishing one day he would relent. :)

3) Rome, Italy. Because I have to make a wish at the Trevi fountain. And it will come true..

And to visit the Colloseum.

Actually, I want to go and explore Italy. I want to walk everywhere, take photos and sit in a cafe sipping cappuccino, served with a slice of tiramisu.

I also want to go to the Vatican City and meet the Pope, and go to Florence..just to see what the fuss is about. But mostly Venice and Rome. But anyway, let's move on.

4) Toyko, Japan. Because of the food (all the different types of sushi/sashimi etc etc), technology (to use their full fledged bathroom, among other things!), and so on and so forth..

I also want to go to Kyoto and take a photo with a geisha. :)

For now, I think its difficult (for me) to go to Japan because of language barriers. Unless you know someone who can take you around, or follow a tour.

5) Iceland. To stay in the ice hotel. Just because not many people have been there. Haha.

As I googled for this image, I realized a lot of other places have ice hotels, including Sweden and Canada.

6) Canada. To see the Niagara Falls. I read about it in a novel, and ever since, I've really wanted to go. It sounded amazing.

Niagara falls by night. Pretty awesome eh?

I'm sure there are more. I just can't think of anymore right now. When I'm down in Popular bookstore, I always flip through the 501 places to go/beaches to see/natural wonders of the world etc.

What I have listed above here are the far off places that are out of reach. Heh heh. The places that I want to go to, within reach are:

1) Bangkok, Thailand - heard so many people raving about Chatuchak market that I must go. Cs and I are planning a trip sometime next year. Yay to Air Asia! :)

2) Taiwan (been there few times before already but I miss Taiwan so much. I want to go back! I want to hear the sound of the garbage truck (they play a song so that residents know when to come out with the garbage - do they still do that?!), to go to Shih lin for shopping, eat proper oyster mee sua with the intestines in it (I don't eat the intestines, I pick them out and pass to mum but I like knowing its there..its authentic! :)), have breakfast in the breakfast shop. I can go on and on about this. Ahhh memories indeed.

I'm going in Jan btw. :) With cs and his family! So happy!! SO excited! In winter some more! I can wear boots again!

3) Bali.

OK time to stop I think. The list will just keep growing if I don't stop myself NOW. Bye.

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