Monday, 5 September 2011

And so we are married..

I'm at home enjoying a bottle of champagne with cs. The best feeling? That its all behind us now.. No more worries.. We went grocery shopping earlier today: bread, kaya, cheese, and what not. The difference now is that we drive home together, put away the groceries and do things together..

I really want to write a proper entry but cs is monopolizing (how to spell) the laptop so proper update tomoro. By then i should have stolen enough photos off fb! :)

My laptop - i'm waiting for some kind hearted soul to fix it for me..:( but these few days, cs was so busy, i have no heart to scold him for not being that kind hearted soul..

Niway..till then short updates like this will have to do. :)


Nana said...

Isn't it great? Going out & coming together..doing everything together :)

Amy said...

Yahh still feels a bit surreal though! hehe :)