Monday, 26 September 2011

Cooking attempts

Because i realized that photo below of my tuna pasta salad looks quite er..unappetizing. are some photos to document my cooking.

This is my attempt at coleslaw. Healthy indeed! :) I took the recipe from kimberlycun and modified a bit i.e. less mayo and no nutmeg but instead used mix herbs and lemon juice instead of vinegar. Worked out fine and I feel healthier eating this, instead of my staple mee goreng for lunch in the office.

I loved KFC's coleslaw recipe so i went to google it up. There were many claims to be the "original" kfc coleslaw recipe. From what i can tell, the kfc coleslaw recipe all includes about 1 or 1/3 cup of granulated sugar, milk AND buttermilk, in addition to other stuff.

This revelation kind put me off from eating their coleslaw in future. Too much sugar. Haih better make my own. Cheap and easy!

Fried noodles attempt: a success! I don't exactly remember the exact ingredients. Hmm from the photo below (I really have no talent in taking food photos lah haih), you can see eggs, carrots, cabbage and hot dogs. Recipe was googled from a few websites, and modified slightly to whatever I had in my pantry again.

I also made potato salad. Also credits to Kimberly again. Thanks btw! :) I always wanted to try out her recipes cos she makes it look so easy and delicious. Lihai.

Yum! I added hot dog to the potato salad so I could eat it as a main meal, instead of as a side. More filling. :)

I would like to cook more often but for now, we haven't really settled into a routine yet. Both sets of parents wants us to go back for dinner or tapau food for us, and I want to try to cook my own meals, and at the same time, some times all I want is grab a takeout and go home to rest.

So yea, I need to set up a routine real soon..

And that's it for now. More updates next time.

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