Wednesday, 14 September 2011

10 day challenge

I came across this on the web and decided to this 10 day challenge. I saw something similar to this in Kimberly's blog, but this looks easier to answer. Since I'm bored now, here we go:

Today, here are 10 secrets from me:

1) I suspect I might be in Slytherin house, if I'm placed under the sorting hat. But I would choose to go to Gryffindor in the end, like Harry. Do the right thing!

2) I'm very self conscious and not at all confident in public.

3) I really like to cook/bake but haven't had the chance to at home. Now I do! :)

4) Given a chance, most of the time, I would rather read than watch a movie. Novels. I don't really like comics.

5) I wasn't a good student at all and I didn't get good grades throughout high school. The only motivation to get me studying in college and uni was the high resit fee to pay when you fail. Yikes!

6) I like to dress up, put on make up, curl my hair and look pretty, like any other girl. Only, I do it at night. I don't know why. I seem to come alive at night. In the day time, I drift around looking like a ghost. Not good.

7) I like swimming, sunsets, the beach, and the sound of the waves.

8) I have a soft spot for cute, short, and very furry little dogs.

9) I have been told that I am very different before and after alcohol. I think its a bad thing.

10) I am a very quiet person in real life, and I suspect only cs really knows the real me.

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