Monday, 20 July 2009


I keep seeing all those photos of people returning from Phuket! WHy?! Is it really that good and popular? Yesh it seems. Heck, I don't even know anything about Phuket and I want to go just out of curiousity to see if it really is THAT good. Is it the cheaper version of maldives? Just cos its in thai baht thats why so many Malaysians are going to Phuket?

Stole these photos off google images. If this is Phuket, I want to go. Hell yeah. Cheaper version of Maldives?

ahh..oh well..


I bought myself a new phone. Boo.. Salary gone. One the bright side, behold...

My new phone. Yes it is pink and it looks exactly like this! I love the lights that light up whenever a message or call appears. And the lights can be adjusted to different caller. And you can wave your hand over the phone twice and the phone falls silent when there is an incoming call. Or when my alarm rings. Me like!! Happy.

In order to save up for this thing, i have been eating mee goreng for lunch almost every day. The Maggi instant noodles. And no shopping. Sucks. Yes the bf is scolding me and almost begging me to let him buy a new phone for me. He keeps trying to coax me into letting him buy the phone. Heh. Sorry baby but I must buy this myself. My absent minded-ness is killing me. I lose things/ spoil things almost as fast as I buy them. I hope this phone lasts longer than its predecessor. Damn.

Another reason why I refuse to let him buy is that the people around me, for some reason, seem to think I'm some kind of gold digger, or useless piece of shit who cannot buy stuff for herself. Maybe I look like the type of bimbo who spends her bf's hard earned money. Screw you. I'm sick of people saying that behind me and even to my face. Screw you. Even if he buys me things, its hardly anything wrong is it? A guy who wishes to help out his gf, to buy something for her. Screw everyone.


I forgot to update those with Harry Potter and the half blood prince. It sucks! It was so boring. I don't even want to watch it a second time. I almost fell asleep and that is saying something! The movie was so boring. Cs said said its good, but not something he would watch a second time. I know that trying to cram the whole 700 page book 6 into a 2.5 hours movie is quite impossible. Especially since the whole book is so interesting, and action packed etc. But damn the movie was boring. Its not something you would want to watch again. I liked the first four movies the best. And I loved all 7 books.

Conclusion: yea, watch the movie if you haven't read the book. It should be interesting for you. Don't watch the movie/or don't expect too much of the movie or rather, don't expect anything at all if you've read the book. The movie is really, honestly, quite boring.

OK. That was an update albeit a short and lazy one.

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