Sunday, 12 July 2009


I'm bored. No, actually I'm tired. I'm just used to saying I'm bored so often that everyone ignores me when i say I'm bored. Everyone except baby who drops everything else to er spoil me. Normally when boredom strikes, I go online, or search through my book shelf for a nice book. 2 hours ago, Streamyx goes haywire again. Cannot go online. So I went in search of a nice book..

Dilemma. Should I read the Twilight saga again since mum just started reading the chinese version and got me a bit gatal to start reading the first book again. Even though I hate the whiny bella.

Searching through the book shelf, I came across Lord of the Rings. I have only finished the first book: Fellowship of the Ring, and almost by pure force. I practically willed/forced myself to finish the book. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I don't really like the movies too. I know most guys love it. Just like lots of guys love Star Wars, Star Trek. Are they the same thing? Or not? I duno. The one time I watched it, I fell asleep barely 10 mins into the movie. Even then, an ex had warned me right before watching the movie: Amy, I love this movie. You must watch it. Don't fall asleep. And I tried, I really tried to keep my eyes open but it was dead boring.

Maybe some guys think I'm the bimbo who reads/likes SHopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. A chick flick and book. I have read the book years ago, and watched the movie recently. In the movie, the shopaholic has no brains whatsoever. Her credit card bills pile up and she continues to shop even more. The book was an okay read few years back. I've read quite a few of them. But they're all the same. She shops, credit card bills rack up high, job threatened, bf wants to leave her etc. In the end, there is a happily ever after of course. boring.

I initially picked out Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince (again). For the eighty fifth time I suppose. But, even holding it in my hands, I sigh. I know the book from back to front and inside out. I only chose it cos the movie is coming out. Please don't disappoint me again!! The fifth movie sucked! Absolutely sucked. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I was so disappointed that the movie was completely different from what I had in mind. The movie was on fast forward. I know that it cannot be helped cos the book itself is like 700 pages long. How to fit it into a 2.30 hrs movie? But still..the fight scene looks like a joke. oh well. I will still be at the cineplex the first day it shows in Kuching! =)

Now the book lying beside me is The Ugly Duckling by Iris Johanen. The first book I bought by her and very pleased. Nice. I like the story line. I'm a bit lazy to explain in my own words. I've only read it once. But from what I remember, it should be along these lines. Here goes: Nell Carder is an ordinary, plain looking woman who survived a brutal attack which killed her husband and daughter. She emerged a woman transformed. How so? Her face was hurt in the attack, so she underwent surgery to save her life. She emerged now, a woman transformed with an exquisite beauty that can only be found in dairy tales. But her killer is still out there. She is now protected by her new face but she has to fight back. She learns to protect herself, to fight and along the way fall in love, with the guy who is helping her. Happy Ending. Typical.

Hmm..which book didn't have a happy ending? Let me think. Singapore true ghost stories. Hah saw the books upstairs just now..

I have just finished Inkheart. I didn't like the book as much as I thought I would. It is still a page turner, but the narration is just too long. Inkheart, the first book of the trilogy, is about Mo or Silvertongue, a man who has the gift to read things/characters to life from a book. For example, suppose he is reading Ali Baba and the forty thieves, an excerpt from where they found the gold, well, when he is reading, real gold would fall from the ceiling, where he is. His daughter inherited his gift. She was reading Peter Pan, when Tinkerbell flew out from the book. Pretty amazing gift to have right.

The downside? Mo was reading a book entitled Inkheart one night to his wife. Inkheart, a book with trolls, faries, dragons, villians etc. Anyway, while Mo was readin, the actual villians of Inkheart appeared into his world. Our world. In Mo's own house. And his wife disappeared into the book, Inkheart. That is the tragic part of his gift. And that is how the story started...

I love books. I love wanting to know what happens next in a page. Inkheart is quite a page turner. Winnie has already bought Inkspell, the second book. I'm saving it for a soon-to-come rainy day on a public holiday hopefully..

Just realized I talked so much about books. I'm such a geek.

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