Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Miscellaneous II

Ok. Those who have read the previous post would know that I've got myself a new phone. Its the Sony Ericsson T707, if you haven't figured it out yet. In Pink! I am amazed I got myself a new pink phone. Here are some photos taken with it:

Smiling like an idiot. :p

And work. Argh. I think I need a new job.

On a positive note (oh crap. work is taking its toll on me. I'm starting to blog like I'm writing reports), I'm looking forward to this weekend!!

On leave this Friday. Just felt like taking one day leave. A break from the company reports, figures, numbers and pages and pages of minute text updates. Crap. I hate my job. But it pays. I went to help cs at his shop last week. Trying my hand at being taukenio (hahahha) and collecting money. I haven't been a cashier in ages, it makes me kinda miss McD. Handling money. Being fast in getting the change and the food. Kinda miss that feeling. I hated it when I first joined of course. I had a tiny, tiny voice which doesn't help in a McD restaurant. Customers strain to hear me, my colleagues shout at me when they cannot hear what I want. And my boss then told me: if you dont get this right by Sunday, you're gone! He meant my voice. Speak louder.

But, once you get the hang of it, get really good at it. It becomes sort of like, your comfort zone. You don't want to leave eventhough you get shit pay, and you know you can do better than this. You stay cos you know your colleagues, you get along with them. You get regular customers who like you, boss likes you and schedules you to work often, but salary is mediocre still. You stay cos it is your comfort zone. Working makes you forget other things.

This photo has been resized. Crap. I didn't know the image size was that big. Have to reset camera settings.


I realized nothing new has been going on in my life and that I have absolutely nothing else to blog about. Or else I have stuff that I cannot blog about. This defies having a blog. Grr....

Well, I'm alone at home as I'm typing this now. Is that new? Yea. Ah boi (my dog) is following me up and down. He's afraid I would leave him too. My siblings and mum are in Taiwan, my dad is out to a dinner party. My dog is feeling very neglected and afraid I would leave him. Example, I was reading in the living room on the sofa. Every time I get up to go to pour myself a drink, change a cd, or go to toilet, he looks up at me. His eyes follows me around when I'm having my dinner, when I'm talking on the phone. When I pack up my book, drink, and phone, I swear he knows, I'm going to the laptop. He drags his blanket with him to follow me to my laptop and plops down at my feet. So damn cute!!! Awww..how can you not love him?? I love dogs!

Pampered prince. Good night. Off to bed.


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