Saturday, 4 July 2009


1) Its Sunday again. Time flies man. I hate working life. It makes time goes by so fast. How did it get to be fifth of July today? Half year is gone. We're now in the second half of 2009. Third quarter of 2009. I suddenly recall that 05/07 is my grandfather's deathday. He passed away on 05 July 1998. 11 years today. So fast? Sorry ah kong. Time flies...RIP ah kong. But it should be too late for that RIP. Now, 11 years later, I think he should have reincarnated already. Yes, I believe in reincarnation. Buddhists are brought to think like that. Doesn't matter that ah kong's grave is a Roman Catholic one. I think he would agree with me.

I'm not being disrespectful and what not..I know everyone miss him. In the first few months, first year, it was the hardest. Like during his birthday, chinese new year gatherings, weddings. Where the whole family is present.

*****Ahh..i should stop with this. RIP ah kong****

Ah boi.

2) Cs and I had McD for breakfast the other day.

Big breakfast noob. He never had a MCD breakfast before. Not surprising in Malaysia. Who in their right minds would pay RM10 for a McD breakfast typically? Breakfast is more expensive than normal meals. Oh well. He was very unimpressed with Big Breakfast. Can't blame him. I never did like it.

Two muffins, one sausage, one scrambled egg and a hash brown make up a McD big breakfast. Not nice. Not worth it too. heh. My own opinion.

My favorite McD breakfast is: Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal with Orange Juice!!! Typical! I never change, SHirley. Hahahha...


3) Damn it my weekend is gone just like that. What did I do?? Oh yea. I went to Karaoke on Friday night with some friends. Not my idea obviously but we haven't been to a karaoke in ages and it was kinda fun.

First, you choose a song.

Next you dedicate the song to someone. Or make some opening speech along the lines of: eii..who chose this song? WHo whose this will sing this! Boon? Nana? WHo chose this?!

Boon: I chose it for cs

Cs: what?? I didn't say I want to sing Jay Chou's songs.

Boon: but u should. sounds good.


Yea. Opening remarks normally sounds like this.

Then both cs and boon sing together.

Trying to hit the high note. Haha

No, I don't sing. I hate singing. I hate karaoke. I hate my own voice. I sound exactly like Winnie. And our voices suck.

4) Mum, winnie and kevin are going to Taiwan. I am SO JEALOUS!! For three weeks!! I see Winnie writing down her list of things of clothes etc to bring there; Kevin's huge luggage open in his room! Waaaahh..and mum buying stuff for my aunty, granpa, etc. I am jealous!!!

I want to go sucks. I will never get to take another three weeks holidays unless I'm pregnant what the hell!!! Or unless my bf is my boss! Heh. Or my dad is my boss!

The last time I went to Taiwan, my cousin gave birth to this lil cutie:

She was the first baby I held, and the cutest little thing. She doesn't cry easily. When my cousins came to Kuching 3 years in a row, I wasn't here!!! They say she's the prettiest little girl now. She should be 7 or 8 by now. And plays with her mum's make up. Wants manicures when her mum is having them. Wears pretty dresses, loves little mermaid. Argh...I'm soo outdated..

I think this is Tian Pu Lak. From the night market. In a paper bag no less. So nostalgic. Yes, it is greasy and oily and sinfully delicious.

I wanna go Taiwan too. I want to join them too. I will apply two weeks leave. Use up all my leave for this year. I will make use of my MAS Enrich points to redeem free tickets. I will save $$ to go eat and shop there. I will go to Taiwan with them this July. I'm so jealous!!

5) I will wake up to reality. It is another Monday tomorrow.

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