Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mum's day 2011

Happy Mummy's Day! Have a cake! Haha, just to be clear, we are not so stingy to buy such a small cake for mum. Delizze messed up our order.

Winnie ordered a strawberry fruit cake for mum, but when we went to collect it today, they said there is no strawberries in the market. So, they made us a fruit cake with mangos.

Bad idea, cos my mum is allergic to mangos. What to do? They refunded us the money and we bought another cake. It looks good though.

Peanut butter something.


The bf's recent new toy. This ice-maker. Its so weird how he is enjoying this. He is making a whole bucket out of these ice cubes.

Ta-da. This should be good during parties! Haha. One fish bone per whiskey glass. I don't get it though. Like normal ice cubes baby, they melt very fast. :)) OK better shut up in case he screw me for embarassing him here. Heh heh.


Last night, we attended Hun Chuen and Soo Lin's wedding dinner at Banquet. Very nice couple. :)


I actually have some things to talk about but I forgot them all now. So aih this shall do for today lah.

Since its mother's day, we be going to try out the new Carvery restaurant beside TJ. Hmm food galore again tonight.

Since I got free time now, I think I shall make mum a mother's day card. Bye.

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