Monday, 16 May 2011


is Cherrie's 1st Birthday!!!

Well not exactly. But, we brought her home a year ago last year on 16 May 2010.

But we're still celebrating for her anyway. Haha.. Today, the spoilt princess turns ONE!

However, birthday girl is in a bitchy mood today. Makes sense, since she is er..a bitch? Haha.

Winnie brought her out to walks, gave her ice cubes (cos Cherrie loves it), lay down on the floor with her, gave her treats (but she don't want), and played around with her and her toys.

But I still hear Cherrie growling and barking at Eli. Poor Eli.

Cherrie and poor Eli. :) Don't feel that sorry for Eli lah. Eli loves Cherrie, and I sometimes don't blame Cherrie for biting Eli - the way Eli keeps taunting her. She keeps trying to mock smack her, and teasing her. No wonder lah.

And cute, bad little Cherrie.

This is how she looks like today. As Winnie took this photo, along with may others, Cherrie was growling at Winnie.

This is her bitchy face. :)

When will Cherrie grow out of it huh? By the time she's two? Three? Don't know if I can wait that long! Ohh gotta go. Bye.

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