Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cs' 18th birthday!

I can't believe the weekend is over. Time really flies! Its cs' birthday today (22nd) We spent the entire last week planning and buying stuff for the party last night! It was a blast! But we are both exhausted by now. Hehe oh well it was worth it. At least everyone had fun.

I didn't give him a present at all. He didn't want a gift cos we are trying to save money. So I resorted to Google to suggest ideas what to do to him. For some reason, treasure hunt is very popular.

I used to love treasure hunts when I was a kid. Running around the neighbourhood with my neighbours/friends. It was great fun. We left clues for each other, and I loved it. Love the game and I think that's why I love Amazing Race so much too. Wish I could join it someday.

But what if I can't finish the challenge or road block haih but I still want to join it someday..

So anyway. It can't hurt to try. I prepared a little treasure hunt while he slept. It was very simple - inside our house only. Writing little bits of notes, and hiding them at random places for him to find. Hehe. Each little note leaving clues to the next note.

By the end of it, I led him to his gift: 3 wishes. Which he has yet to use. And I am not revealing it here. Save it baby. Very precious k. :)


But it still feels wrong somehow, to not give him something. To make him feel cherished and loved, by me! Some more, we didn't do anything today. Just the two of us. We had to go to church with his parents and then dinner. Seems like I have to make it up to him next week! :)

On Friday night after work, we cleaned the house together to make it more presentable for the party and made the cocktails and jello shots etc. Hard work considering how messy and dirty it was haha we left clothes everywhere, and none of us bothered to wipe the tv cabinet, the shelves etc. Dust collecting everywhere.

But I am not ashamed lah cos where got time??? Maybe if we stayed there full time, then there is no excuse. But we don't stay there yet. Heh heh so still got excuse.

Saturday after work, we went home to start preparing for the party. Rest a while, and pretty soon our friends started to arrive. Before we knew it, it was midnight, and then 3 am. Everyone had a lot to drink, but nobody was drunk. Phew.

Big sigh of relief. This was one of the main reasons why we wanted to have a party at home. Less likely for anyone to get drunk, especially the birthday boy. Man, he threw up 4 times last year, on his birthday night. So much to drink, and its not fun to drink so much. Its bad for the body and for me (cos have to clean up for him haha).

I like to drink as much as anybody but I just want to enjoy myself without the hangover nowadays. I want to dance it out, and not throw up. Those days are so over. I'm getting old. We're getting old. :P

The internet line is so, so bad - it takes 5 mins to upload a photo, so more photos next time lah.

On Sunday, we were together again, going to church, then family dinner. Even though we are together the whole time, I feel that we have had no alone time at all. We were surrounded by people all the time.

We are so lucky and so blessed to have friends and family with us.

But OMG, I am so tired. It was exhausting. The weekend has flown by and this is the only time I have had to myself the past few days. Exhausted max! Finally I can sit down with the computer. Alone.

So many cakes and he forgot to make a wish on all of them. Silly boy! :)

He answered me: birthdays are once a year, how to remember to make a wish leh?

Me: ............ -_-

Happy birthday baby!!

I hope you had a great time the past few days. If not, I'll just celebrate again next week with you. Love u always! :)

Update next time.

FYI: the title says cs' 18th birthday cos that on his invitation to all his friends, he wrote that its his 18th and the others came up with 18 candles for him and all. In reality, he thinks he is 10 years older than that. Silly.

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