Sunday, 15 May 2011


When Winnie told me to ask my friends if any one wants to exchange a Charcoal colored MCD coke glass, I was like..whaaaat?? Not you too! No way am I asking for you. There is enough hoo-ha in FB over the coke glasses. All that hype for what?! Its just a glass!

I think working in MCD turned me into this. I watch colleagues taking home the happy meal toys for themselves. Hell, I collected almost all of the dogs too when I worked there.

I mean to say that I was so sick and tired of customers asking me what toys was it, can they exchange, they don't want this, they want the other colour. Bah. So that's why I didn't want to collect them. Not interested!

I managed to bring these dogs back to Kuching, but it is now collecting dust somewhere in a plastic bag somewhere in the old house.

Anyway. On Saturday, Winnie wanted MCD for lunch, so said I would tapau lunch for the two of us. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Let me say again, BIG MISTAKE!!

The QUEUE!! OMG! I forgot that there are people who actually want the coke glasses!!

The queue was spilling out the main doors man! Fucking ridiculous. What was even more ridiculous was, I joined the queue! Hits head on the wall. What was I thinking? Ahh cos I was starving, and the smell of the fries, plus Winnie was late. What else could I do besides wait anyway?

After 20 minutes, it was my turn. And alas. I ordered a LARGE Doublecheese burger meal with a strawberry sundae, and walked away with a blue coke glass! HAHAHHAA. Idiot! FAIL. COMPLAIN FAIL. AMY FAIL!!

I am now the proud owner of a blue coke glass!

How? I queued up so long already what! And everyone, I mean EVERYONE else were ordering large and a sundae and getting the glasses. What was I to do?

And (small voice) the glass does look good what! Plus in this hot weather, what's one more ice cream sundae right?

At home, I was admiring my blue coke glass, when I was hit with an epiphany! I want to collect the others! So, who has the charcoal colored one? Haha wtf! No lah! Winnie wants the charcoal one.

I'm happy with just one more, in any other color. One for me, one for cs! Just for fun. :) Hu ha.

The next one is Pink btw, and it starts on 19 May; after that is Lime Green on 26 May; and Grass Green on 2 June. :) The other colors have passed already, so no need to mention. Check it out here.

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