Friday, 6 May 2011

Updates on my life

Some updates on my life:

1) Just watched Fast and Furious 5. It is every bit as good as everyone else is saying. I was kept on my toes/edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. Humorous at part and very fast paced.

I do have one thing to say though, Dom and crew should have died many times by now, through out the whole movie hehe - just that car accident on the way to prison, Dom should have already died. But we are meant to enjoy the movie and shut up. So, I will. Great one. I cant wait to watch it again already! :D

2) It is a Friday night and I am home! *Gasp! Actually I just came back from the movie, so hmm doesn't really count. :)

3) I cant really remember what I have been up to lately. Been lazy bringing the camera out lately. Well damn.

So I'm going to forgo the list thingy and type as I like. How about wedding preparations?

We have decided and booked the band, and emcee already! *fingers crossed for two reasons. 1) to not regret my decision to splurge. 2) to be able to save even more money from now on. Time is ticking and we have yet to reach our target. Grrr..

I deem the band/entertainment to be very important on the night itself. I believe that they will set the stage (literally) for the event/ceremony at night.

While our guests are eating, I really don't want lousy performances such as free-for-all karaoke (that is so over already, not to mention annoying), or dance groups (blah shuffle moves, no thanks man save it for the clubs), and God knows what else. Bad MCs are the worst. Bad Master of Ceremonies reflect badly on the night.

So, yea. Fingers crossed. Moving on. We also went to look at invites and favors. Honestly speaking, these two items are not that important, right? Everyone knows they have a short-term shelf life.

Who keeps someone else's invitation cards, no matter how pretty they are? Who really wants/needs wedding favors in the form of chopsticks and candles? I am faced with a slight dilemma the shop gave me.

Do you want to forgo the gifts, and spend the money on a nicer, more expensive and comes with photo invitation card?

Or do you want to choose a simple invitation card, and also a simple, boring wedding favor that no one wants?

Haha its not that important to me, seriously. This is up to cs. Let him decide lah.

As a little girl, I never imagined my wedding much. Not like in Bride Wars, Emma and Liz both dream of their big day and already have in mind what they want or don't want. But I didn't. I never imagined myself in a white gown. I don't dream of a Prince Charming on a white horse.

Or a Prince William in Buckingham Palace. Hehehe everyone is talking about the Royal wedding.

Ugh but I look hideous. I think this was taken in May 2005. Damn how time flies. Me in front of Buckingham Palace. Think this was my first time there with Shirley and Rudy. Over the years, I have lost count of how many times I have come here.

Westminster is always a must to bring friends and tourists who come to visit. I have played host and tourist guide myself many times to friends and their parents, siblings and their friends and their other halves, relatives, but never my own family. :(

Haih as I was bringing other people's families around London, I kept wishing it was my parents and family instead. Oh well. Maybe in the future eh. But its different now. I am no longer a student, with so much free time on my hands. Booo..

Cs wanna go to London with me? I think I still remember how to walk from Chinatown in Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, and to London Eye. Then take Jubilee line back to Bermondsey!! Omg. Reminiscing on old memories. :)

Ahh..Moving on..moving on.

Random cute but a bit disgusting photo of Cherrie.

Got milk?

Karaoke session at home.

Cs giving his all..This is actually him acting. He may look like a good, quiet, nice boy. But he is NOT. I'm the quiet one. Lol. He is the noisy, talking non stop one among our group of friends.

You see, banyak bunga lah this guy.

Then, he took the camera and told me to sing. So, I did. After a few shots of photos such as this one below:

He got a bit frustrated and instructed me to relax! Let go. No one is watching you.

Hence, this:

Oh well. Not really singing but at least not a normal, boring photo. Heh. :) More semangat at least.

Normal photo to end the post. These photos were from weeks or months ago already. I really need to bring my camera out more often.


Got something stupid to broadcast here. I have not given up my attempt to spot shooting stars/meteor showers!

If you know me, you would know my motto: when in doubt, google it!

So, I depended on Google to tell me that there is a meteor shower on May 6. About 11pm - 4am in Malaysia time. I have checked various sources on the Internet to confirm this ok. Don't judge me.

Quote from Earthsky: Eta Aquarids meteor shower. This shower has a relatively broad maximum but is expected to show the greatest number of meteors before dawn on May 6.

I even checked the weather forecast as well. The forecast was: cloudy with chance of rain. No lah. Actually forecast was cloudy with thunderstorms. But I thought Kuching weather was unpredictable, and the forecast can't be right etc etc. Making excuses for myself sigh.

Haih, it rained all right. Rained almost the whole damn night! Since it was raining, I went to sleep by 11pm, hoping that it would stop in the middle of the night, and I can fulfill my dream!!

But no, I woke up at 130am, still drizzling. Woke up at 3am, still drizzling! Fuck it! Thwarted again!! :(((( Wahhhh *bawling and whining..

I didn't sleep well the whole night because of this. I was asleep but I knew when Winnie walked into the room, I could hear mum waking up, having a coughing fit outside my room. I could hear the rain. :((( so sad.

For future reference and in case anyone is interested in watching for meteor showers, read
here and here.

Night. Bye.

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