Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Make up time

So. After that angry post below, I should make up for it by being annoyingly peppy and cheerful now. But I don't really know how to act peppy and cheerful. Emo and sadist can lah. Haha..Maybe if I keep typing "haha" every few sentences, it might work. Haha. Haha.

If I get another flamer on my blog, I would just redirect him/her/it (haha "it" yes, I can be evil too) to the post below. Haha.

Or remain silent. Cos you know, silence is my way of saying whatever dudeee!! You're pathetic and I can't be bothered to reply you. :) Sorry, the angst is obviously not wearing off yet.


So. The long weekend is almost over. Boo its time to go back to work. Oh well, the past few days were quite fruitful, busy day and night.

I have been having way too much food the past four days, and my treadmill is under repair. Speaking of this, I have got to call and screw that woman for my treadmill. It was already fixed the last two times I called, and she has promised to send it over twice already so where the hell is it woman?!!

Back to food. On Saturday night, I went to Sushi King with my parents and Winnie. Between the four of us, the bill came up to about RM 200. I'm not bragging, I'm actually kinda turned off by sushi now. We had so much to eat that whenever the waiter walks by with another tray of food, Winnie and I exchange a look of horror. Its not our food, right?!

Yea, very scary. Eating out with dad is like that. He takes the menu and jabs at almost anything, and orders two portion of alot of things! Nooo daddy! Stop ordering food. Haha. I was so guilty after eating all that food that when cs came to pick me up, I told him: we are going swimming. No excuses. I have to find a way to work off those extra calories. Not complaining. Swimming at night is always fun.

On Sunday night, my family and cs' family got together to talk wedding details. Dowry, number of tables, guest lists, entertainment. And we discussed this over dinner at Joyous Shanghai Restaurant. Its the 3rd floor at the Lok Thian building.

Damn the food is soo good. I had nothing to complain about any of the dishes there. Maybe except for the duck's tongue - as appetizer. There was a taste that I wasn't quite used to. But everything else, the roast duck! Omg swoonsss.. And I love the noodles/kuay teow soup thing.

Dinner was quite an extravagant affair. Dad did the ordering again (big mistake), so the result was everyone was stuffed full again. Haha I'm sorry daddy. I love him and everything but we don't see eye to eye on food. :)

I didn't take any photos of the food because my future in-laws were at the same table, and I paiseh lah. Hehe. What if they think I'm a vainpot with low IQ? Haha Winnie and Kevin would say: you are!

While daddy and cs' dad were talking dowry prices, Kevin laughed it off: Amy is worth about RM 50 only. Dad pay 25, mum pay 25. And proceeded to laugh himself stupid. =.= Winnie of course, was sniggering with him. Boh yung one.

I did take a photo of the 18 year old Macallan. :) Typical.

Winnie snapped a photo of us, while she was camwhoring. Very reluctantly. As soon as the photo was taken, she resumed her pose while everyone stared. Haha.

I look damn ugly in this photo lah but oh well. Can't win em all.

So, here is a photo of Winnie for her efforts that night. After she was laughed at by everyone. She was just aiming the camera at herself, trying different angles at the table, while everyone stared. :)

Later that night, we met up with some friends at Soho. Ehh change topic a while. Why are so many places called Soho? I mean pubs and the area itself? In London, there is an area in Picadilly's on the way to Leicester Sq that is also called Soho, right? What does it mean?

Maybe I should Google this at work tomorrow. Wtf! Haha simply because the Internet speed at work is much faster okay. Lunch hour Nancy. No worries! Hahhaha..

Back to topic. On Sunday night, we all had a great time, and partied till 2++, got into bed at about 3am. I feel like 22 again. Heh. Only richer. Lol. At 22, I couldn't afford to drink and hoped guys would buy me drinks! Wtf! Haha.

At 27 (actually only 26! Not yet birthday!!), guys still buy me drinks. But its different. Cs always does, even when we were friends, what more to say now? And cs' friends don't allow girls to pay for drinks. So gentleman - where to find nowadays ah!

Oh speaking of this, I was at Planet one night last week, with mum and her friends. There were four of us. Me, mum, Rita and Emily.

As I walked in, the group of guys at the table behind us were quite rowdy by then. Drank quite a lot. My back was to them, so I didn't notice them much, but two of the guys tapped me on the shoulder to say: you're so pretty (blushes no lah but seriously how to reply to such a comment when it comes from strangers), and what is your name, job etc?

Next thing I know, they bought us a jug of beer. I told the waiter to tell them thanks, and went back to turning by back on them. Next thing I know, they bought us three more jugs of beer wow man. So generous. He left me his name and phone number and left. :)

I realize this sounds like I'm bragging but no lah. In reality, I was damn embarrassed and don't know what to say to shake him off. Rita, sitting next to me, kept asking: you all right Amy? Mum was much more angry- shooting them death glares haha. If they had come to tap me on the shoulder one more time, she would have made a big scene!

This only happened cos cs wasn't there that night lah. Haha with him there, hmm..I wonder what he would do. heh heh.

But I digressed again. Back to Sunday night! I was pretty worried about cs cos we already had Macallan during dinner. Then we went to Soho where the guys bought a bottle of Chivas and TWO crates of beer. Crazy! Plus they had a flaming lamborghini and some tequila.

So of course I woke up with a hangover this morning. I only had beer and whiskey but quite a lot of both.

We all look like shit here. Cs is still driving. We danced a lot at Soho so its still all right. But by then, Winnie and I kept pestering CS for food! Alcohol will do that to you. So we went to 3rd mile Mcd! For future reference, 3rd mile Mcd closes by the time we arrived there - about 230 am. Damn.

Tonight, I cam back from dinner with cs' family again - its Priscilla's birthday! So we went for western food at Chef at Home. The mushroom soup today was a little too diluted for my liking. In my humble opinion, Westwood and Sidewalk serves the most delicious and affordable mushroom soup. I want Westwood mushroom soup!

I had garlic butter fish with fries. From the first bite, the garlic taste was SO strong! Obviously from the name, I should have known. Haih I regretted my order. But its okay. All is not lost because I am the world's luckiest bitch. I have cs, who immediately traded his Cordon Blue for my garlic butter fish when I pouted. Haha.

But now I am guilty, and what if his family think I'm a selfish bitch? So, I ended up eating all the salad, and having small bites of the fish and chicken, so cs can still have both. So yea. Lucky for cs I don't need a lot of food in my system. Heh.

I'm feeling chatty. So let me talk a little bit more. At Soho, we were all very tipsy and high by then. Someone (I suspect its Winnie) suggested we play a game. Everyone dance. The person who stops first lose, have to drink!

This was after countless card games, dice games and we were out of games. So everyone enthusiastically agreed. How hard could it be right? I, for one, am determined never to stop dancing. Man, its the easiest game ever. We're all crazy tipsy and stupid by then.

Guess who lost? About 5 minutes in, Winnie stopped to catch her breath, and we all laughed like hell cos Winnie is supposed to be good in dancing, and I really think this was her idea in the first place. Haha that night was a lot of fun, a lot of laughter. :)

I shall end this post on this note. Memories of that night. New friends like Daniel and Philip, and old friends like Heineken. Good times. :)

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