Monday, 2 May 2011

This is for you who remains anonymous

You know one of the worst things about blogging? Its about taking shit from total retards about what you write! I'm not talking about myself. I read other people's blogs all the time. Have been following certain bloggers for years. I watch them reveal private information about their lives, and then people (total strangers) leave hurtful, angry comments on their blogs.

The people/readers probably think that since they read the blogger's blogs for quite some time, hence they think they know he/she quite well already, and therefore think that it is okay to assume they know the person well enough to comment on their life.

It is not. You are reading about a small portion of their everyday life only. You just know what you read. There is always another side to the story.

It is always possible to argue from another angle if you want to. I hate how some people simply have to pick out some little detail and find some way to make the writer miserable.

Nobody is perfect, there will always be things for you to judge and pick on. But I don't get why people have to be so hurtful. Why all the angst and animosity? Grr it is pathetic! Trying to make the writer feel bad and hurt by all these comments.

By writing a blog/keeping a blog alive, you have to reveal certain amounts of private information about you, and your lifestytle habits, personality, lovers, and all the people around you. It is not easy for people to reveal private stuff about themselves.

Most people have a blog in the first place simply because they want to write, and to maintain a space to keep in touch with their own close circle of friends.

But because the internet is such a vulnerable place to be, it is also used as a place for evil people to attack you. A place where people can be anonymous, leave a fake name with no link, and they're safe! Pathetic! Losers! Hate it!

And this is why I find it hard to blog often anymore. Write a whole blog post about something that made me happy, only to find a nasty comment to make me think is this worth it? There are flamers out there, all the time. Ready to bring you down.

This sucks.

And yes, it is still my choice. Stop writing. Stop revealing information. Make it private. Stop writing, period. Haih.



Ahh..always nice to get things off my chest. *Deep breath*

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