Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Convertible dress and stuff

Hello. Here are some updates on my life:

I made omelets recently. Nothing fancy but so easy to make. 2 eggs, one tomato, one hot dog and one slice of cheese.

I know its unsightly but it tastes good nevertheless.

I added some mixed herbs spices to the egg mixture with a dash of salt and pepper. No use. Tasted no herbs at all. Fail. Maybe I should have let the mixture sit for a while. Oh well.


I recently bought a convertible dress dress online. Basically its a dress that allows you to transform into a few different styles! Kinda awesome! But somehow it doesn't look that good on me. Hmm..

#1 - short tube dress. I didn't tie it up properly on top. Not tight enough and very messy looking. Sorry first try only.

#1 short tube dress take 2. There! Much neater and tighter! No more excess fabric on top!

#2 - sweetheart neckline dress. Hmm not bad but kinda long. Have to fold it up higher next time.

#3 - toga style!

This is how the toga dress looks like from behind.

#4 - twist wrap dress.

The twist wrap dress from behind.

#5 - boring conservative dress

Not so boring conservative dress from behind..

#6 - Dress with wraparound waist

And my backside again.

Verdict? It is very versatile. BUT why did I buy it in that colour? Me no likey! Maybe I should sell it off. Any takers?

It suits many body shapes. Need proof? I have photos of Winnie! Ta-dah!

Not bad ey? Suits all type of body shapes. No more photos of Winnie cos we got lazy after that and stopped snapping photos.

If anyone is interested to know how to do all this, go Google it! Plenty of videos and photos as your teacher! :)

And a vain me after all those unflattering photos above. Bah.

One of Winnie too. To prove that we don't always look that ugly haha.


Went for badminton again with cs and friends. Am pleased to learn that I am not as bad as I thought I would be! :)

I'm typing really slowly and somewhat painfully now because I really need to cut my nails! =.= Lazy. Its public holiday in Kuching. Two whole days! Bliss!! We lucky people! Hehe technically I'm Iban too but we never celebrate.

So yea. I'm just rolling about these past two days. And too lazy to do anything. That said, it took me quite a huge effort to write this post okay. Painful nails.

Now that I'm done, I'm going back to roll around on the sofa some more. Pig. Yes. A bit. Heh bye.

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