Saturday, 4 June 2011

And another one

I like this phrase below that I took from Sweet Valley Confidential.

"...She once heard that a better gauge of drunkenness than a breathalyzer was a simple test: The drunker you are the more you think you can drive.."

I think its damn accurate. I remember on a few occasions when I had one too many drinks at Terminal one with friends, I would pester cs to let me drive his car. Not far lah. Just around the neighborhood, mind.

It sounds irresponsible, but I was driving reaaaly slowly. Plus, it was about 3am already, not much people around. Even the dogs were sleeping by then. (Must disclaimer some more, I don't do this anymore. This was ages ago. Old story!)

His car is a manual, and I haven't driven a manual ever since I passed my driving test. Some more, his is a heavily modified car, so it is a bit more challenging than driving my instructor's car.
Anyway. My point is, I like that phrase..

Moving on.

After those ugly photos taken of me in the convertible dress somewhere below, I was determined to find a way to pose that shows off a slimmer me. Vanity, if you will.

I mean, all those people in blogshops selling their stuff. They can't all be model material. Not all clothes fit you like a charm. They must have simply mastered a technique of posing.

And that is what I have accomplished!

Why? Cos I'm thinking of selling off some ok make that a lot, of my preloved clothes. Majority of them are worn once, or never before. So, why did I buy them in the first place?

Because I was a fool, sorely tempted. Its the one thing that all women (except Suet Li, I believe) are guilty of.

Oh man, she is my idol. When will I learn to save money like her? Ok lah, no need to answer me. I know its never.

Its a bad make up and bad hair day, hence the face. Also I was quarrelling with cs that day. 5 mins after this photo, I removed the make up, put on my swimsuit and went swimming. I've been swimming quite often lately. It is slowly replacing my treadmill as my number 1 form of exercise.

As I am moving closer to Sept 3rd, I am also closer to saying goodbye to my treadmill. Haha idiot I sound so emo. Dumb shit. Wonder if I can persuade my parents to allow me to move it to the new house heh hhe. Impossible.

So yea. Another rubbish post done. Too free now, nothing to do! Bye!

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