Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dreaming of my cabana...

Missing in action again. Every time I sit down in front of my laptop, I end up searching/doing other stuff. Busy with some other thing. It doesn't help that I have very limited time on my hands. By the time I get to sit down in front of my laptop, it is 9pm, and old people like me have to get enough sleep since I have a 9 to 5 job.

24 hours a day is not enough.Let me lay it out for you. My typical weekday routine:

Wake up at 8 am (that's my alarm but I snooze till 820 -830am. Then I rush to take a shower (or not if not enough time =.=) and change (always picking out the same clothes a.k.a my uniform to work).

845 am. Rush downstairs to eat breakfast. A cup of coffee and a boiled egg. (thank you Eli). I don't know how will I survive when I stay with cs in the future. I will have to be his Eli FML. No way he will wake up earlier than me to cook breakfast for me (hint hint) :)

Cs come to pick me up 5 mins later and arrive at work 9 am sharp. Traffic is much less now than 15 mins earlier. Its true because most people are already in the office. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Ahem. Moving on.

Work. 10am. Work. 1030 am. Stomach rumbles. Uh oh. Time for a mid morning snack. Its always a packet of biscuit. Such as Jacob's oatmeal with apples. Or Jacobs hi calcium (says the packaging) biscuit etc. Or a glass of milk.

11am. Work. Work. 1130 am. Work. Keep looking at the clock till it is 1230pm. LUNCH! Depending on the day/my mood/ and the weather outside, I could have brought lunch from home (mee goreng with an egg and a hotdog - again thank u Eli!! or sandwich - which is cue for everyone around me to exclaim: finally Amy is eating something else. Something somewhat healthy! A change from mee goreng!! Hallelujah! Wtf!), or went to buy sandwich, or gone out for lunch with colleagues.

130pm. Back to office and try to stay awake. If its a heavy/high calorie meal such as Mcd or Pizza hut, beware a post lunch coma coming up. When this happens, my eyes glaze over the computer screen and my mind absorbs absolutely nothing! Which is why I tend to avoid eating heavy food during lunch.

My lunch meals are relatively light and I try not to stuff myself. So, continue working till 5pm. Mentally counting down the hours (happens particularly on Friday's) till 5pm. And off computer. Pick up bag. Stroll purposely to the elevator. Head down. Avoid stares of other hardworking colleagues.

Plop into cs' car and whine about work. Hahahahahaa NO LAH! I make myself sound like such a lazy ass whiny bitch but I'm not! Haha. That's up to your judgement. But I exaggerate a lot lah!

Anyway. To continue. Arrive home at 535pm. Change into work out clothes. Dinner with family. Play with Cherrie and bring her out for a walk after dinner.

7pm. Lock myself in the gym with my laptop and start to work out till 8 - 830pm. Wait for sweat to dry and body to cool down, then go for a shower.

After shower. Plop down in front of my laptop and more often than not, it is 9pm already. Where has the day gone?!

No time to catch up on any tv shows, no time to watch any hong kong drama series. Only now do I start to Facebook, read up favorite blogs, check mails (already did at office but gotta check again even if there is nothing new) and catch up on wedding stuff. No time to blog!

Damn. Just realized that I wrote so much crap down in such little time. I find I am best at whining/complaining/ranting to my blog. Hidden talent! Hahaa.

I realize my daily routine is going to change drastically by September, after I move in with cs. For example, who is going to make breakfast for the both of us. Either me or him. Should be me lah! So that means actually waking up when my alarm rings and not pressing the snooze button.

Come back from work, we have to cook dinner for ourselves. But I suspect that we will visit our parents very often (home cooked meal!) during weekdays. Heh heh. And I no longer have the gym at cs' home so I have to swim much more often then.

So enough ranting. Pictars! One fine night, cs and I decided to go to the Club, at Riverside Majestic. Trying to scout around for possible locations for an after party! Heh.

The club lobby lounge.

There is a band to serenade you while you enjoy your drinks. The place is small but cosy. Nice for a private function.

As I picked up the menu, I realized that it was ladies night! Free Blue Lagoon for the ladies from 7 - 9pm. It was already 9pm by then and we had already placed our orders for 2 beers, but I muka tebal (thick skinned) walked up to the bar and asked the bartender: do I get a blue lagoon? /smiles.

Bartender: Hmm..is there such a promotion? Wait, let me call the manager!

Manager comes over and squints at me. It is already after 9 miss. Squints some more then smiles broadly at me. Its okay. Give it to her. Just one okay?

Yay! Score!

Blue Lagoon! Yum!

Plus we got free keropok! Yum!

I like this photo. Its making me thirsty. :)

I quite like the place. The band is not too loud or too noisy. The place is small but its giving off good vibes. Intime and classy. Kinda perfect! Think I found the after party location. But I would still want to go on a Saturday to check out the crowd. Just in case.

72 days baby! ♥

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