Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Food cravings and memory loss

It is 1030pm and I am craving food. Always a bad sign. :( After dinner, I have already snacked on apples and a banana. I know lah. Sounds healthy and not fat at all. This is what I do at home. Head for fruits to curb hunger. Always works. Good things my parents always have the house fully stocked with fruits.

On different days, there are (1) always apples - an apple a day keeps the doctors away (this is horseshit btw since I take an apple almost every day and I am sick right now. Fever, sore throat, and a damn bleeding nose at 9am this morning. Fuck.) I'm sick, allowed to curse and swear all I want today! :( Unhappy!

Before anyone comes to lecture me, I know it is my other problems that cause me to be sick, and of course taking an apple a day won't help if I sleep at 1am every other night, and go out virtually every night, have no time to rest, and don't stop worrying even when I'm in bed. Hence the sickness. Dumb shit! Angry at myself, and angry at cs (cos he's sick too - I suspect he transferred his virus to me) Heh heh.

Other days, there are papayas, jambu (lazy to describe - go Gooooogle it!), oranges, pear, grapes (!!! seedless some more awesome), and banana. What did I miss out that I always see at home? Can't remember any for now.

Main point is, I'm hungry. Actually I'm not hungry. I just want to munch on something. Its the PMS symptoms. :( FML. You would think that taking medication, I would have less cravings. But no, PMS rules apparently. FML again.

I'm taking antibiotics, fever meds, and sore throat meds, which means that I don't really taste my food, but I still want to munch. Because I'm sick, there are a lot of food that I can't touch now too. Kill me now, can?

So, in an effort to stop eating temporarily, I went to youtube to for recipes. So far, I have learnt various ways to cook omelettes, oyster omelettes (too much trouble), pancakes (too many ingredients but am determined to try this again). I did make pancakes before (years back), and they tasted pretty good but, as usual, I lost the recipe.

I say as usual, because if you know me, you would know I lose things as fast as I find them. I have no organized file, and no organized place to store them. FML. No lah. This should be categorized in YDI, I know. Heh heh.

For those who don't know, FML = Fuck My Life. YDI = You Deserved It.

Some photos of the food I've been eating recently:

Mary brought this croissant sandwich for me for lunch, from Delizze. This photo is to show how huge it is, but damn it tastes soo good. In case you're wondering why my friend is bringing lunch for me, its part of her effort to stop-amy-from-eating-mee-goreng-everyday. Hehe. Thanks babe! :)

Dimsum with cs at After 3 (I think that is the name!) Char Siew pau, custard pau and har kau.

If you must know (heh heh), char siew pau wasn't that nice, the skin was kinda soggy. Xiao ba wang (at padungan) does it much better.

I always loved custard pao, eventhough it is damn fattening. Don't know why but it must be. Something that tastes so good can't be good for you. Especially love the deep fried version. MMMmmmm...

Chinese muffin ala custard pao.

Custard pao. This is how it looks like inside. Yummy. Delish. Sweet. Sinful. Argh.

Oh another of my breakfast at home with cs. What else is new? Omelettes again. But with yogurt this time. If I could have my way, I would have yogurt only for breakfast, everyday! Or cereal and milk. Or muesli and milk. Oh how I missed having semi skimmed milk every morning!!

This was at Westwood. Opposite Basaga. Obviously only Kuching people know what I'm talking about. Oh well. I am back to frequenting the place quite often again. They serve good food, and cheap some more! Can't complain! Gimme more. Grr..

Next up, this is from the Philippine restaurant at Padungan. Near the police station. I think its called Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw. Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

Pork chop Pinoy style. Nice. Tender. Juicy. Meat fest but definitely yummy!

This, I don't know what it is. You're supposed to stir the raw egg into the mixture, but it tasted good all the same. =.= Food is good.

Shit looking at all that food is making me guilty.

I shall let the photos speak for themselves, and call it a night..

The pool wasn't empty before this shot. When I came in, there were two boys playing catch in the pool. Think they are about 8 or 9 only. Throwing a slipper at each other halfway across the pool, while people (me) are trying to swim.

Man, I was so amazed and astounded at his language. He puts me to shame ok. A skinny kid that probably comes up to my waist only, is telling his friend to ma chee-bye, bloody hell, and fuck u. I wonder where he learnt that from? My blog?

Haha that was a joke. Chill people chill. I promise to cut back on the FU's. Actually, I do. I only say this to my blog, and Kevin. Its a thing with my brother. No way to quit this.

Scenario 1

I couldn't find my hard disk earlier. Misplaced it. Probably left it at cs' place, but I distinctly remembered packing it into my bag, to bring back home. Then, I had a brainstorm! Kevin must have taken it. Borrowed it without telling me. (He did this before).

So, I called him.

Amy: Hello, bin ah! Did you take my hard disk? (Bin = short for Kevin ala Kuching slang)

Kev: No!

Amy: Sure not?

Kev: Ya lah! Fuck u lah. Bo ti, straightway ask me! (Bo ti = missing in Hokkien)

Amy: Fuck u back and hangs up.

OK, it was less rude than that. We are both already laughing at each other through the FU's. Heh heh and yes, it was my own fault. Blaming him for something he didn't do.

My absent-mindedness will kill me one day. Argh!

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