Monday, 6 June 2011

The Pact x2

I just finished the pact by Jodi Picoult for the second time of my life. The first time I read it was when I bought it in 2008. Immediately after reading it, I wrote this post down. Click to read. Tonight, I still can't get over it. How selfish can Emily get? You leave Chris behind in the world, staying in jail, people treating him like a murderer. Ahhh..forget it. Its just a novel but. I still want to know.

Throughout reading this book, I kept asking cs: would you love me enough to kill me? I want to die. Will you kill me, for me? Like all normal guys, he thinks I'm joking, and ignore me. The more I pester him for an answer, the more angry he got, and in the end he said that he would just die with me. Like I expected him too. Not selfish. But I would do that too. Die with him.

That was what Chris decided to do too. But apparently when faced with death, it is so much easier said than done. Killing is not as simple as people believe. (I think Dumbledore mentioned this wtf I'm such a geek!) When you are faced with death, it is not so simple to think you can kill yourself, or your loved one.

Sigh. I really want to put the book out of my mind.

If Jodi Picoult had Chris convicted in the book, I think I would be one of the ones sending hate mail to her! :) How can!


Time to change topic or I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. First off, I would like to apologize to cs. He believes that I'm sleeping now but the book is full in my mind. That is all I can think of now. Too much pent up thoughts and there is no way I can fall asleep without dreaming of Chris, Emily or suicide wtf!

Winnie says the book is depressing when I tried to describe it to her. Yea, well it kinda is. Heck, Winnie thinks all books by Jodi Picoult is depressing.

But that doesn't mean that it isn't interesting! I loved Nineteen Minutes, My Sisters Keeper, and well, the Pact too. It definitely is interesting and enlightening. I haven't read the other ones. Partly because I know it will be depressing, and I don't want to be dragged down by it.

Her books are not easy read. Books that you can read halfway and put it down to continue with another book. With her books, I find myself turning page after page, bringing the book in my bag to work, to church, to the toilet, out with cs. Everywhere!

Got some disclaimer to do. I don't actually read it in the office or at church. I just bring it with me. Just in case. But I do read it in the toilet and in the car with cs, during lunch and after dinner.


I need a change of topic. Its Monday again tomorrow. I will regret not being in bed now, by 2pm tomorrow. Yes. OK that is enough to send me off to bed now! Night all.

I resolve to update my blog more often. The thing is, my life is so boring nowadays that I see no point in depressing everyone else. Haha.

And I really suspect that no one else aside from myself, visit my blog. =.= Apart from those people who actually read about Rihanna's tattoos and Kuching food, and Olympics. Hehe.


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