Tuesday, 28 June 2011

An American girl in Paris.

The title of my post is the episode of Sex and the City I'm watching now. Fret not. I have not lost my mind.

Its harder to blog everyday than I thought. Haih. Nothing to talk about unless you want to know that I just painted my fingernails hot pink and toenails electric blue. Yah hot pink and electric blue.

I am suddenly reminded of Meredith and Christina who would probably scoff at people who use the words hot pink. What the hell is hot pink. Why electric blue? Why not bright blue? Blue is just blue. A colour. Haih.

In an episode (one I think), Meredith and Christina were scoffing at rhytmic gymnastics.

(If you don't know what rhytmic gymnastics is, you probably shouldn't be reading my blog too. Go read something more intellectual or smarter than this blog).

As I was watching that, I remembered that watching Olympics, I loved the gymnastics.

Ahh anyway.

So I logged into my hotmail blog. Or it used to be called a blog on hotmail. My blog got deleted some time back. Its a shame. I should have saved it down somehow. Boo.

Apparently now the space where my photo albums are located on hotmail is called skydrive.

Earlier today I logged in and saw these:

Wow that's a lot of photos. My life back then. I haven't looked back at these photos for so long. It was a shock to see all this. But a nice shock nevertheless. :) Wonderful memories!

That's it tonight. An update.

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