Sunday, 26 June 2011

Once upon a time at the Curve

One fine Saturday night at the Curve. The night started innocently enough. One Tiger tower to share between the 6 of us. No problemo.

When we were still sober..and everyone was so proper.

Oh wait, we had two jugs of Heineken to start with. Note the empty bottles around the table. I had forgotten about them already..this was from so long ago.

But as the alcohol flowed freely..

...and the games ensued...

I don't really like this game to be honest. I'm sure everyone has their own drinking games. This is one of the games we play. It involves quite a bit of scheming/lying to win, which is why I don't really like it. And you have to practise your poker face quite a lot. Anyway, the reason why I don't really like it is cos it brings out the worst in people aka me. Haha no lah. Kidding.

As with most games, you can somewhat tell the personality of each person based on how each person goes about trying to win, right? Who is the most competitive aka kiasu, who is the sore loser, who lies etc etc.

I just think that with drinking games, the more brainless it is, the better. Haha. Makes for more laughs. Rather than everyone being quite serious faced. Heh heh. This is just my opinion lah.

I'm referring to a game Winnie, Kah Ling and I were playing at VA just last Friday night. It was brainless all right. All we had to do was memorize some moves, and the other persons cannot do the same moves as you. So cute. So fun. And very brainless. :)

...we wrecked havoc..

The photos are in black and white cos I was testing out my camera functions. :)

Everyone looks so happy here heh heh. It was a mad night out. This was from ages ago. I don't remember when already. Earlier in the night, we went to a Philippine restaurant at Padungan. Near the police station. I think its called Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw.

The pub was very empty that night. They played some really old songs, including a combination of old Chinese and Malay song. Hmmm.. Nonetheless, we were very happy (because of the beer) and happily went along with whatever the DJ and singer spun/belted out.

No comment.

I have refused to put this photo as my profile picture in Facebook, because I can already foresee the comments that will follow after this. T___T

But hmmm...maybe I should try it out. Just for the heck of it! Wait going to upload it now.

OK done. Wish me luck!


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