Monday, 27 June 2011

Of resolutions

I resolve to blog more often. One post a day. No shit! And swear less. I don't know what to use to replace no shit. Die lah. No kidding! How bout that? Haha no for real. Serious this time.

I will make time. But this also means that I ramble pointlessly without direction (a bit wtf not like I have direction at all before). So what to ramble about today?

♥ this photo I took years ago from my bedroom in Bermondsey. Looked out the window and saw this view. Nice!

I'm a sucker for nice views and artistic looking photos. Not that I know how to take any.

I am referring to the wedding photos I took. Finally I went to look at them today. The edited version.

I purposely chose the photos in such a way that they didn't have to edit too much. Aih if I had known beforehand, I would try my best not to reveal my teeth. The photographer kept asking me to smile, then smile more, show your teeth. Try to look very happy!

Its not like camwhoring, you take the photo, preview it beforehand and know what to fix, then retake the photo. At the studio, I can't tell the photographer to: eh, let me have a look at your camera! Preview first because I don't trust you enough! Hahaha cannot right?

So yea. Anyway, I was quite disappointed with the photos I took. Not because the photographer was bad. Cos he is not. I just kinda have my own expectations in my own mind. I want nice views. I want sunset photos. I want beach shots! I know what I want and I am a bit upset that I didn't get what I want.

I suppose its a good thing though. If I had been very, very happy with the photos, I might end up choosing 100 shots (imagine the $$ involved heh heh), but as it is, I found it quite easy to select the more flattering photos. Easy peasy. We were done in an hour. The people at the studio even said that they have never seen any other couple done choosing with their photos so fast. Heh.

So anyway. The edited photos today. What they did after we selected the photos was, they created some fancy design and touch up our faces and bodies, and voila we go back to preview the photos, which was today.

To which we, the clients would decide whether we are satisfied with them or not, and if not, get them to change the design etc.

And go back another time. =.= I had no idea that we have to go back and forth soo many times. Good thing its located so close to my office.

OK. It is 11pm and I shall fulfill my other resolution, which is to sleep earlier starting today.

Good night~

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