Thursday, 16 June 2011

A walk to remember

I was searching through my old folders earlier tonight and found these photos. Long forgotten photos but I love.

I just painted my fingernails so my typing is a bit retarded now. But aiya I really wanted to update my blog today!

Photos shall suffice again today.

Cs and I before leaving our room/apartment at KK. I miss those times.

Actually I think I just reeaaally neeeeed a vacation!

I had such a bad headache the whole day and night yesterday that I slept at 830pm! Amazing. I don't remember the last time I slept at 830 pm. I don't even remember the last time I had more than 10 hours of sleep on a week night. Mostly its 6, 7 or 8 hours only.

Good hair day for cs. ♥ this photo of us. One chinese new year, late at night, but both still very dressed up. Still feeling slightly buzzy from alcohol no doubt.

This was from years ago. It was my birthday and after dinner with the family, I went for drinks with Winnie and her friends. At Silhouette, the Spring. Cs came to look for me (we were still friends), and in the car park, he pulled this bouquet of flowers out for me. Surprise surprise! ♥

Looked through an even older folder of photos and found these:

Nifer and her homemade Penang laksa! I miss! Both Nifer and the laksa! :)

Dessert from Pizza Hut in London!! Looks so freaking delicious. Huge slice and tastes oh so good! Why Pizza Hut Malaysia don't serve desserts and wine too? I could use some wine with pizza heh. Probably can't fit in the cake after pizza though, but damn..

Cramming before exams. I used to spend the day and night before in the kitchen, trying to study. Kitchen because no one is in there. Not bedroom because I would be distracted by my own laptop, Shirley, and my bed.

I saw Jessica Alba at Leicester Square one fine day! Haha no lah! I wish. My friend saw her. Quan came to class and showed me his phone. He just took those photos before coming to class!! And asked me do I recognize her!!!

Why why why not me? Ahh never mind. I saw the cast of Harry Potter. Its okay. I can die happy now.

So yea, he bluetooth-ed these photos to me. Boo.

And in case you ever wanted to see a retarded mi:

there you go. I am never getting a fringe again. It looks bad on me..

This photo below happened because I asked the guard: can I please take a photo with you?

He very deliberately glared down at me and rolled his eyes, all the while his body didn't move. Just his eyes.

So, I ignored him and took a picture with him anyway with that face. Kinda regret the face now. Regret asking him for a photo politely some more! Fucker. I know you're fed up with tourists but it would be better if he just ignored me or stared straight ahead. Oh well. That was years ago.

Amy and the army.

I don't know if I am going to get screwed for posting this photo, but oh well. Let's try and see heh heh.

I miss you both! And that tiny little room. :)

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