Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Caput Draconis

The title of my post is just something that popped into my mind. Its one of the passwords used to enter the Gryffindor common room in Harry's first year! I know! Why do I remember things like this?! If only I can remember where I leave my hard disk, camera, phone and lip balms. Especially lip balms all the time! But I remember absolute rubbish.

Btw, Caput Draconis means "Dragon's head" or "Head of the dragon" in Latin. Says Wikipedia. :)


I can't wait to go on vacation too. Can't wait. I want time to pass by even faster than it is now.

The thing about booking vacations way earlier in advance, is how looong it takes for that day to finally arrive. Ever since Air Asia started, everyone has been booking vacations much earlier, planning further into the future. Its a good thing.

I have already planned my trips down to where I would go, what to wear, what to bring, and what to do at almost exactly what time of the day. In my head. I made lists and threw them out (cos its too early), and I started searching for the climate (but its too early), I wanted to buy entrance tickets (but cs stopped me too cos its TOO EARLY!), and I almost started packing (but its still TOO EARLY!).

In the end, cs had to give me a pep talk (sort of). Our holiday is after our wedding. We would be staying together by then. All your things would be at our house already. We can pack and plan together. Now, you need to focus on the wedding first!! :(( Upset.

Haha I sound so emo dumb.

Wedding = overrated! No lah. I just want the day to arrive already so I can stop thinking about it! Then I can focus my time and money (!!) on other things! Finally!


Updates on the wedding. Let me just copy an extract from the email I sent to Shirley and Nifer (to show how lazy I am).

"...supposed to go the bridal studio to look at photos, but lazy, supposed to look at invitation cards and favors, but no time, supposed to go florist but havent decided what I want, supposed to meet the band and MC, but lazy, supposed to pay deposit but lazy too, supposed to save money, but keep spending. DIE DIE DIE!! hahahha no lah writing it out makes me worried now shit!"

Ok that was an update. And yeah reading that again, and having Shirley scold me for being a lazy ass and to haul my ass to the studio to look at the wedding photos because they are once in a lifetime, maybe I will give them a call. Next week. :)

OK. Proper updates.

Photos - I'm not fussed about it really. I'm not ready/planning to post/share it on Facebook or my blog yet. In fact, cs wants me to post them only after the wedding. :) I can see from his point of view. Leave something to suspense. Hehehe as if.

Videos - Delegated to cs' brother. So this is a fuss free area. Ao are the photographers for the day itself. Happy.

Florist - Ahh yea. I have decided on my theme. It shall be simple, fuss free, and hopefully oh-so-pretty with a small budget. Haha possible? We are using Spring florist btw, if anyone is interested.

Church - Cs' family are Methodists, and my family are Buddhists. So we compromised on going to their church. It doesn't really matter to me. I'm pretty easy going. I'm a believer of faith comes from the heart, and not from how often you go to church or the temple, or pray or sing how many times a day, or know the bible inside out. I believe there is a God, and Guan Yin and Buddha. I believe in both because I want to.

Entertainment - ok I'm working on that. I so need to come up with program of the entire night so I can inform the band and MC on what I want. Shit got to find some songs. And soon.

Guest list - I'm working on that too. Everyone is working on that. My dad, his dad, cs, me, my mom, and basically even Winnie, because anyone who wants to invite anyone has to work out who sits with who by the end of the month. Tick tock tick tock.

Invitation cards and favors - almost forgot about this. I can only get to this AFTER the guest list is somewhat confirmed. Hopefully the number of guests has not increased again.

Ohh which reminds me, I have to go wine tasting pretty soon. This I don't mind. And beer. But I don't need to taste this. Heh heh. I'm perfectly familiar with beer..Tiger, Heineken, Tsing Tao, Kingway, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Corona...

So that's it. What else? Did I miss anything out?

Oh well. Still got time.. :)

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