Sunday, 14 December 2008

Last Christmas

Sorry for lack of updates. I've been so unmotivated, so uninspired to blog about anything at all. Even when I have the time. Looking through my old photos and realized there's some photos I've never posted before. Photos are good. Cos no one bothers to read what I write only. Just scroll down to the photos. Cos its another bimbotic blog. =) hahaa..

So here goes:

Rooaarr....I forgot where I took this. Primark? Hmm..

Took this photo outside Fleet Street McD on the way to work. Its a parade of some kind. I think. Hahaha..

Christmas is just around the corner and I miss you biatch!! I miss shopping with u. Who is going to shop with u on Boxing Day? Who will have hotpot with u on xmas morning? hahaa. Nifer and Brandon. =)

I've celebrated Christmas with Shirley for the past 4 years. Damn. I'm going to miss u like crazy this year. But, finally I'm back in Kuching. With family. Ironically I'm not going to spend that night with family. I'll be out for sure. Partying the night away. =)

Xmas 2005, we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner with nifer, aik lung, sze lin, jacob and his friends. Here's a group photo. I don't know more than half the people there man.

After dinner, we walked around Leicester Square and Trafalgar in the cold! Freezing ok! Took random photos such as these:

Shirley, me, Nifer and Jacob.

I forgot how fat I was before. Nice to remind myself with photos like these once in a while. Haha.. This morning shopping with winnie she was making fun of me and said: the day you wear a XXXL will be the day the world is over or something stupid like that. Before she finished the sentence, I had already said choi choi choi..!! An aunty in front of me said: I wear XL sometimes. I have big bones!

For some weird reason, we always have hot pot for christmas morning. Maybe its the cold. Maybe we always put off planning or cooking that when we're all finally free to go to Chinatown to shop, there's nothing left to buy except hotpot stuff. Such as fishballs, meat balls, prawn balls. haha. pathetic. but still good nonetheless..

Vegetables, mushrooms, lots of balls..typical hotpot at 168B.

This was taken on christmas morning 2006. Lost some weight. Hahaa..

Happy drinks one year later. Xmas eve 2007.

Preparing dinner 2007. To tell the truth, both Shirley and I never really "prepared" dinner. Credits go to Brandon!! The chef of 168B Jamaica Road. Shirley and I cook the normal easy stuff for ourselves to eat. The typical easy to cook food such as fried rice, chicken soup, chicken with mushroom, seaweed soup, mixed vegetables, ginger chicken, aubergine etc. But Brandon is super picky since he's a chef himself. 

So, whenever he's eating, he cooks. Good for us. Just sit back and wait. So, like in these photos: We all group in the kitchen watching Brandon cooking, while we take photos and sample his food. And drink and talk while waiting.. My after dinner chore is normally washing up. Routine already. Since I dont cook, I wash..

Said chef at work. hahahhaa...

No hotpot this year. Xmas 2007.

I miss these girls so much. I'm feeling a bit emoey now. 

In the restaurant just now, they played Last Christmas. Once upon a time, I was so so happy to hear this song with u. I'd pick up my phone no matter where I was and text or call u. Now, I wish they would turn off the stupid song. Its another Christmas.

Time flies. I'm moving on. Like it or not.

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