Monday, 8 December 2008

Too much of something

It was their combined birthday celebration last Saturday. The 6th. We went to Mandarin restaurant for dinner. At least I think that's the name. I've never been there before. At LiWah hotel. Near padungan area. Anyway, the 4 of them paid for dinner while the rest of bought the cake n alcohol at the pub. 

The goofy hat and masks were kinda cool cos we all haven't worn them in ages, years right? 

Cute photo. From left: Alina, Veronica, Frankie, Boon. Birthday people with their combined birthday cakes. Seriously, there's just been too many birthday's recently that we only barely finished one cake. The other one, we gave it to the staff at T1. None of us wanted to take the cake home. 

Seriously making wishes. Do wishes come true? I wish life were that simple. Haha. I'm very pathetic. I make wishes to the stars, the moon, to 11:11, at the temple, when I pray at night. I'm desperate. Hahahaa..

By the time we started cutting the cake, most of us were tipsy already. No, everyone was tipsy. We had finished a bottle of black label, opened a bottle of chivas. Oh, oh ya. something important. the manager of T1 dragged both alina and veronica on to the stage in the bird like cage thingy to dance. You just have to dance 2 minutes in the cage, and you get free 4 jugs of beer. so cool rite? hahaha..

Regular customers of T1. Let me elaborate about these people. These 4 are party people, always dancing after alcohol, one of the reasons why I love them. Haha. Each have their own dance trademarks.

Wei lee, me, vero and nana. To be honest, I'm a bit thankful that for the next two weeks, my calendar is mostly free. I've been too busy with social life that I've been seriously neglecting my health. Not only does my heart hurt every night as though something heavy is pressing against my chest, my back hurts all the time. Shit! 

I seriously need more rest. I will. This weekend, I resolve to get more rest. Haha. 

Define "rest" Amy. 

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