Monday, 22 December 2008


Its been a while since I did a food post. Here are some of the food I ate the past week. Photos piling up and I can't be bothered to upload them until tonight. Changed my mind. This won't be a food post. But I will write point form. Cos it makes things easier for me. I can skip from one topic to the other very fast. Suits me just fine.

1) Chicken rice.

Ok. Anyone who knows me should know I didn't eat this. I strictly only eat roasted chicken meat. The dark coloured one. Black chicken. This reminds me of what Alex said to winnie the other day.

Alex: hey winnie. what words of endearment do u call H? (her bf is from bangladesh and has dark skin)
Winnie: huh? errr.... honey? sugar?
Alex: you mean black sugar. dark chocolate.

I don't really remember how the conversation went already but it was funny then. Hahaa..but I'm no racist ok. Guys turn me on no matter what colour. Happy? =)

2) Kolo mee.

This is kolo mee with red sauce. I had this near Tun Jugah, didn't taste so good. A bit too sweet. Basically kolo mee is just boiled noodles served with shallots, pork meat, some vege, pork oil. I don't know man. Google it. I'm sure wikipedia has an entry on it. I don't like it much. Next.

3) Ka chang ma.

In Kuching, its what most chinese women MUST eat after giving birth. It's supposedly filled with herbs, wine, and lots of ginger. Cooked with chicken. Eaten with white rice. Healthy and good for u. I'm doing a lousy job of explaining. But all kch people know about this. Its quite popular at most fast food outlets at kopitiams.

4) I saw this car that looks kinda cool parked outside my house few days ago and took a photo.

Whose is it? Inside joke ok. Next.

5) I went to this "all salmon dinner" with colleagues last Friday night. It works like this. We bought a whole salmon from New Zealand. Around 2.8 kg for the fish. Then we chose a Japanese restaurant. Well they chose and bought. I just paid for my share. There were 10 of us and we each paid RM26. Man, it was so worth it. Everyone was stuffed full.

First, we had starters of deep fried calamari/sotong. Whichever. It was delicious. Soft, juicy, yummy. We also had deep fried soft shell. I love soft shell crab and I've never came across any restaurant that has managed to screw this dish up before. This was no exception. What else? For starters we also had a small plate of sushi. Nothing special. Some cucumbers with rice I think. Don't remember.

As we waited for the chef to slice up the salmon, we finished off the starters. Then we had salmon sashimi. Huge plate. Thick slabs of pink, fresh, raw salmon. With wasabi. 


Grilled salmon with the sauce. I just recently knew that the best meat was the salmon head. The most tender part. This was good too. I liked the sauce.

Salmon sushi. You can barely see the rice underneath. Hidden by those thick slabs of salmon. Definitely salmon overload. I had only one of this. Too full by then already.

This was made from the salmon skin. The leftover skin, they deep fried it and made it into sushi. The skin is rolled between. Taste? Crispy, crunchy. Never tried it before and was pleasantly surprised. A nice change from all those raw fish.

Some of the guys:

6) I went to a Korean restaurant last Saturday and took some photos of these:

Kimchi dumpling. Not too bad. The sauce is a bit spicy and the dumplings a bit dry. Nice combination? Hmm...

My date loves these fried chicken. So good that from the first bite, he went: mmmm... how chi. how chi. or delicious. delicious. (in mandarin) while pointing at the chicken frantically while gesturing for me to try. hahaha. i get the point. and yes, it was very delicious. crunchy and full of taste. at seoul garden third mile. try the fried chicken. Its good!

7) Mum made these amazing prawns. My turn to go: how chi. how chi. Yeah. I like prawns. And nearly all type of seafood. These were very crunchy and so good that you can actually swallow the prawn cover. what do u call them again? peel? skin? whatever. It tastes so damn good!

I didn't realize I ate so much in the past week. Its no wonder my skirt is feeling tight. Damn.

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