Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Venue: Rakutei Crown Square.
Date: 24/12/08
Time: 730pm - 10pm

We were supposed to design our own hat for the night and the best design wins a prize. Also, we had to exchange gifts. To be fair, we set the price at RM30 for the present. I bought 30 bucks worth of chocolate. nana got my gift, whereas I got a body shop shower gel and loofah. Nice.

Anyway, i actually bought this hat below: It came with a blond wig and I thought it was semi-cool.. But mum saw it and went: it looks ugly on makes u look fatter etc.

So then I thought I'd go in this hat: My hat I bought in Disneyland Paris with mickey mouse ears. but its a bit too big and falls over my eyes. So..I changed my mind last minute..

Oh, here's some of the food. Its not bad but nothing outstanding either. We had a set meal of about RM70 each.  There's soup, sashimi, sushi, ramen, soft shell crab, prawn tempura, salad, dessert, free flow green tea. I didn't take all photos though cos I was busy eating. =)

Here is Kheng Loon with his normal hat with chopsticks holders by the side.

Nana the Ninja. I can't believe how imaginative and creative some of them were. Man. I was so lazy compared to them. Here she cut holes in her hat for her eyes and bought a separate headband to hold her hat in place. She won the prize btw for best design.

The gifts.

Frankie, Boon and Ong with his witch type hat. 

The witch looks funny here.

Alvin totally pimped out his hat. Hahaha..he added those blond hair by the side using cellotape and added some light bulbs to his hat, complete with ribbon. So hardworking. 

Ninja looks funny in this photo. Click on the photo.

Busy eating. No time for photos.

Oh yea, I didn't pimp my hat. Stole it from cs last minute. 

I look like I have a mini/semi cleavage here. Hahahaa..wishful thinking Amy?!

We went to Terminal One after dinner but it was a very tame night. Lots of lucky draws and we didn't win anything. I'm lazy to talk about that night really cos it was so disappointing. 

So bye. And hope New Year's Eve will be better. Btw, it is Alvin and Wei Lee's wedding in a few more hours. I have to be at her house by 4am and it is now 9pm. I should sleep. 

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