Monday, 8 December 2008

Public Holiday

No need to work!! I think its Hari Raya Haji. Or maybe someone's birthday? Agong? Whatever. As long as its a holiday on a Monday!! So nice. Woke up at 9am cos neighbor is renovating. Damn noisy. Sigh. Its a public holiday larr. Get some rest. Next thing I know, thunder and it started raining heavily. Neighbors have to stop renovating. I'm so happy. Yeah. Went back to sleep till 12pm. Hahaa.. I'm evil. Rain stopped at 2pm, work has continued next door.

Nothing new has been going on in my life. Same stuff everyday.

Christmas is in the air. Christmas. I miss Shirley and Nifer! What are u guys doing this christmas?? Hot pot again? Going shopping together on boxing day? My xmas eve is planned out already. Hmm..more on that next time.

It was mum and dad's 27th wedding anniversary on Dec 1. I should have taken photos of the actual cake and flowers. Haha. idiot. dad called me at work and told me to buy red roses and blueberry cheesecake for mum when I came home that night. I was wondering why did daddy suddenly get romantic? I later found out that winnie texted dad to remind him to do something this year...

It was Frankie's 24th birthday:

He was so surprised when we brought out the cake.

And t-shirt from his ex.

Ugly Betty specs. I've been wearing these to work everyday cos they're supposedly better for your eyes. Less radiation from computer, less tears etc. Whatever. Definitely feels better than my contacts though.

These are all recent photos from my phone. Daddy hard at work. While I camwhore around his new office. Went there after work to wait for the rest of the family to arrive at dad's place to go have dinner at:

THE GREAT LIM SEAFOOD. What a name. The food was disappointing so I didn't bother taking photos. Back to dad's office.

Note the big ass photo of winnie. hahahhaa..
When we walked into dad's office,

winnie said: wow. big ass photo of me.
mum said: why is there no photo of me?
me: wow. big ass photo of winnie.


Not nice to sleep on sofas. No pillows and no blankets.

Ok. Enough for this time. Bye.


bluRr BluR said...

Amy, looks great with your new spec =)

Amy said...

lol. thx. ugly betty my colleagues said.