Friday, 19 September 2008


I went to karaoke earlier tonight. Some people love singing but I'm so not a karaoke person. I NEVER sing. Not in public, not at home, not even in the shower to myself. Every time I go to a karaoke I just clap and dance and drink. Till I drift off to sleep. =P

Its weird that since young I grew up listening to parents and relatives singing karaoke during every chinese new year, birthday parties, wedding dinners and any get togethers. One of my uncle is especially good at singing those oldies such as: Pretty Woman, Knock Three Times, Five Hundred Miles etc. But ironically my brother, sister and I are exceptionally shy about singing in public. During these family gatherings we often get pushed on stage. This is the part where we all hide in the toilets, pretend to act busy and walk off. Whatever it takes to avoid singing.

I've come to realize that when singing its your confidence that makes you stand out. Even if you can't carry off a tune, just sing on, smile and laugh whenever you go off key and people will look up to you for it. After all how many really good singers are they?

Once in London Shirley, Nifer and I started singing karaoke. Or rather they sang while I took photos and videos. No mics so we took out Shirley's speakers as our microphone.

Ah mei's wo ke yi pau ni ma. I still remember girls!

Shirley is so gonna screw me for posting this photo of her haha.

Karaoke aside. I got a new job offer so therefore starting my new job in early October this time as a Company Analyst. Yeah for me! 

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