Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Happy Birthday to Shirley

To my best friend, to the sister I never had, to the bitch!

Many happy returns!! You turn 24 this year. I know its been a while but you know I miss you. You're always screwing me for not keeping in touch. So this is for you!

Now that I am in Kuching and you're still in London, I really don't know when will we meet each other again. You sent me off at Heathrow so many times. Hugged each other goodbye before boarding. Acting tough, determined not to cry, not to break down. Instead when we leave each other, you cry in the toilets or on the train back home. Me i cry when the plane takes off. Idiots.

Looking back we've known each other only 6 years and been close only when we decided to go to London together. I still remember the first thing you said to me in the cafeteria back in IBMS. You were with Ivy and you asked: why am I so quiet? Hahahaa..this made me laugh to myself now. Even back then it seems inevitable that I'm the quiet one and you're the noisy one. Anyone who knows Shirley should pity me for having to stay in the same room with her for 3 years!!! OMG! She's one crazy woman.

Said crazy woman at KLIA before departure.

I still remember our first quarrel at Asda over some small thing. I remember both of us saving money at Tesco by waiting for them to reduce the price on the bread. I remember buying 19p bread to eat. haha! I remember that 7/7 bombings when we stayed home not knowing anything. I remember Shirley's steamed egg with rice, and tang yuen and the first time we cooked together.

Who is going to sing that song with me now? The song we used to hum together since we both don't know the lyrics to that dumb song. I remember how we shared each other's clothes all the time. Even arguing over which clothes to bring back to Malaysia and which to leave in London. And how could I forget the day you got drunk? 

We've been through so much together that there is no easy way to write this. Squeezing tons of memories into a few sentences. 

Some random facts about Shirley:

- she likes eating rice. a lot. 
- she taught her colleagues from Bangladesh, Hungary etc how to scold cibai.
- she takes a long time to get ready in the morning before work or to go anywhere really.
- she has a very infectuous laughter. she laughs hysterically to herself when watching drama series online.
- she has big boobs. hahahaha.. compared to mine of course.
- she can't drink wine. cos she threw up very badly once and I had to look after her. but she never drank wine after that. come to think of it, she can't drink whiskey too cos she'll throw up too. so she drinks beer.
- she eats a lot of McD. =) but not beef products.
- She. Is. Loud!

Nifer and Shirley at Greenwich. 

You're always there for me, someone to offer an ear, a shoulder to cry on or a hug. And that means the world to me. Its never easy living together. Thank you for putting up with my awful temper, thank you for washing the dishes when I had to run out, thank you for putting up with my music when I was studying, thank you for doing my laundry when I went off to Newcastle, and thank you for washing the toilets. haha. 

Do you remember the time when we walked to McD drive thru at 5am in the morning? How bout the 168B dish we created together with Nifer? Being stuck out of the house on Christmas morning! God! Our Bachelors graduation in Sunderland? Paris trip? Taking different trains home to save money. Hahaha.. Remember our Bond Street shopping trips, and night time system barter? 

Mandy, Shirley, Nifer and I at Chinatown, 07.

It was so hard to drag your (and Nifer's) lazy ass to go clubbing sometimes. One of those rare occasions was on 26 Dec 06 in the photo below when Wai Tjun and Eva came to London.  =p

Thanks for all the wonderful things you do. I found a true friend when I found you.

Happy Birthday!

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