Thursday, 4 September 2008

Mom's day

Its mum's birthday today (4th). She didn't want to celebrate. Said something about some superstition that since its her 49th she can't celebrate. I don't understand. But we're just going to have dinner at home. Take away Pizza cos its also mum's fav food. Haha. Aren't we too alike? Like mother like daughter.

Btw, mum is reading her birthday card now. Hand made by Winnie. We wrote a long page of English words on it since she likes to see alot of words but can't really understand. Hehe. I'm evil for laughing at her when she's trying to learn English. Typical Taiwanese accent. Like my cousins speaking English. =) She can really understand when Kev, Win and me go on our conversation and sometimes even join in unexpectedly and surprise us with her English knowledge. But her speaking is terrible. Haha..

Mum said just remember to write this sentence every year and I will be happy. Most important is this sentence.

"You are still young and beautiful every year" wtf right?

Anyway this is for mummy. May she live a long happy life.

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