Saturday, 6 September 2008

Mum's birthday at VA

Remember it was my mum's birthday on the 4th? We went to VA last night. It was hilariously fun for mum and her friends. Mum's theme for the night was dresses for everyone. Janet and Angela's top were see through. As the night wore on they got louder and noisier. Occasionally louder than the band i think.

Mum and Yuki. The birthday girls.

Janet, Shirley, Angela, Rita and mum. People always says VA is full of old ladies. Compared to Soho yes. But don't be fooled by these ladies. They can still drink and dance and have fun.

Oh yea I learned how to apply fake eyelashes. Finally. Winnie and I spent ages trying to stick it on but you get better with practice. Nice. After putting the finishing touches to her makeup, Winnie stuck her face in front of dad's and asked: How do i look?

Dad said: like you got beaten up. Badly bruised in the eye.

Kevin's reply to Winnie used to be: fat.

She stopped asking after that. Guys just don't know stuff like these. For those who don't know Kevin, he insults everyone all the time. But in a joking way. When Elaine eats, he tells her to stop eating and pinch her fat. In front of everyone. When I apply make up he tells me what for you put so much stuff on your face. You look ugly and it won't change. He even nicknamed Winnie 'pork' when he himself is fat! His mouth just never stops insulting others..

Ok back to topic.

Loving my falsies..

Cleavage alert.

Happy much

Damn we look alike.

One lady was drunk. Nobody I know and not in our group. She fell a couple of times on the dance floor and threw up in the toilet. Eww..

Surprisingly I was never drunk in London. I mean drunk till I threw up. Pats myself on the back. But Kuching yes. Think I was never properly drunk in London cos I had to take bus or catch a tube and walk home. I used to think its unsafe to be walking in the streets when you're drunk. So I always managed to control myself before I crossed the line.

But in Kuching there's a car to bring you home. Supposed to be safe but its not too. Therefore I should stop drinking. Argh. The only solution. Alcohol is dangerous and makes me stupid.

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