Monday, 15 September 2008

Celeste's 18th

Another Friday night has come and gone away.  This time its Celeste's 18th birthday. She is officially legal. Drink more yea?

Winnie and I. Oh yea, Shirley. Before you start lecturing me about wearing that H&M long sleeved shirt again, I wasn't feeling well. So I wore long sleeved. I had flu. Cold. Lucky I brought it back to Kuching instead of leaving it in London for you eh? Hahahahahaha...

Said birthday girl with her tiramisu cheese cake. 

Sisters being idiotically vain. 

Yuki and Celeste.

To be honest, I'm glad I have a sister that I'm close to. Someone to talk crap to, someone who will be brutally honest when you need an opinion, someone to drink and dance with. A forever friend. 

I seem to be saying "to be honest" a few times today. I'm being honest now. But talking with others, normally when I include "to be honest" I'm avoiding the truth. =p

Another photo of us. Must be sick of us already. 

Last. So not in the mood to write anything long so photos will suffice for now. 

Tired and cranky now. Must be PMS.



Nicolas said...

you r so beautiful, is a shame that you are so far

Link said...

I came across your blog... :)

Amy said...

cheers guys..:)