Sunday, 21 September 2008

Accident prone

Shirley probably remembers the many times she had to rub Zambuk on my bruises in the 3 years we've stayed together. This time the bruise is so huge and ugly. Damn. I hate myself sometimes. I'm so accident prone its not funny at all.

I got this when I was getting out of the car and accidentally bumped into another car's behind. Don't ask me how I did it. Obviously I'm very careless.

One of the most embarrassing incident was when I slipped and fell in the lobby of a hotel. I slipped on my high heels and fell down some stairs at Holiday Inn. God it was embarrassing. It hurts like hell yet I can't burst into tears cos so many people were staring at me. My skin were peeling and blood was trickling down my legs, I couldn't move sitting on the floor at an awkward angle with a short skirt, file and handbags on the floor. It was embarrassing! My colleague helped me up while I tried not to notice the people around me. 

Also, I really bruise easily. For example in London I bring a sling bag out for a whole day and while walking the bag slaps against my thigs right? At the end of the day, I have a huge bruise on  my thigh. Why?! So not fair! Or at work in McD, I use my thigh to close the tills when I'm in a hurry, when there are so many customers I really have to hurry up. But at the end of the day there are so many cuts and bruises on my body. It sucks. What did Willie love about my body before? Haha..

I got this after a rollerblade session at home. Damn idiotic. I was so happy to rollerblade outside my neighborhood that when my legs started hurting I thought it was due to lack of exercise. Then when I took it off I realized my legs were bleeding. Idiot. Permanent scar now!

After ice skating one winter, I developed this huge blister, cut and bruise that took one year to heal. I'm so not kidding. I didn't take any photos but I learnt my lesson. When your feet or any where on your body hurts, its your body telling you to slow down, to stop. Don't ever ignore your body.

Know why? I received a phone call from my cousin in Taiwan last week. Sigh. One of my relative has lung cancer. It was such a shock since she doesn't smoke or drink at all and exercises regularly. She had backaches recently and went to the doctor for a check up only to reveal lung cancer! 

Wish I could persuade mum and dad to go for yearly body check up but they are obstinate as hell. 

Life is short. Play hard!

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