Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Best Post Ever.

cos i'm anak simon too, i will update this blog.
so u can agak agak guess this is the other anak simon.
the younger. hopefully more optimistic one.
i wonder how many ppl actually read this blog n noe there's a younger sister involved. hmmmmm.... beats me.

lets blog about the simon family. yea.. unimaginative but totally amy fashion.
first there's big papa bear daddy, n big moma.
then the three anak simon's.

i shall start describing one by one. start with dad. honestly, i dunno anyone more hardworking than he is. this is not to say praise my own dad o wad not. it is the pure truth. my dad arrr... he is the type who js cant tolerate anyone js loitering arnd doing nothing. thats y i used to hate sundays. not say hate lar... but u noe... dun wan it to come. but want it to end soon. he'll drag our asses arnd the house, demanding kevin to wash this wash that, n kevin, being the bully he is, asks amy n i to help him. eg: wiping the glasses, wash the aircond filter, wipe the little buddhas... etc. u get the gist.

All photos taken during first day of Chinese New Year back in February. The Big Man.

actually... thats nothing bout him being hard working. but js listening to him reminiscing his old times, how he started out his company, how hard he worked to get to where he is now. it js breaks my heart sumtimes. js makes me wanna do better in my studies even more. haiii... js to say he motivates me to do wad i do best. study like a nerd. altho... my marks not that good oso. not the point. at least i try baaa.. i make the effort to drag my sorry ass to class. (only to stare at gorgeous guys rubbing their necks, the veined arm... not all the time lar. sumtimes i js daydream n nod off to slp)

anyway, enuf bout daddy-O. now mom. haiyoo... whenever i tink bout wad my mom needs to go through every nite, i remember that my grandma is dead oledi. the so called old granny u hear amy taking about is completely unrelated to me. totally non-existant. dun talk bout her. talk bout her very sien. anyway... my mom. hahahaaaa... not to say proud o wad not. but i tink my mom is actually quite pretty. not say quite pretty lar. very pretty for her age. she can keep her shape oledi suan very good lor. look at me... im 19 n look at me! js look at me! haizzzz...

Pretty meh? snigger..

BFG. Big Fat Giant.

ok. enuf bout his evil mouth. other than his mouth. i guess u can say he is pretty good natured. seldom see him angry. tho he gets grouchy n cranky at times. like when he has to wake up to send me to skool. sorry lar... i haf yet to master my driving skills. recently i tink my mood a bit cranky lorr... temper flaring a bit a bit. n when i lash out at him, he js stares at me wif his mouth slightly agape. like a retard come to tink of it. *snigger* n then js keep quiet. i tink its times like this when i appreciate him more. for not getting pissed off at me. *grins*

n come to tink of it, he is pretty generous when he has cash. or by credit as well. eg: if i cook for him, i will get free movie ticket plus free large coke at star. heheheheee.. i like these kinda bargains. i js needa spend a little amount of energy to cook n sweat. n then voila! got freebies!! heheheee... n i tink... his mind n mine quite alike lor. we like mostly the same movies, same cartoons, agak agak same food.. (but we basically eat everything. so not really counted)

enuf of kevin. now amy. amy is amy lorr.. this is her blog. last time i must say her temper is absolutely the worst. worst of the worst. (amy came over n read this n sed: "i haf the worst temper? *giggle* i do??) i tell u la mii... if u dun tink so, u are so obviously in denial. total complete denial. i'll gladly slap u on the face to wake u up. ngiak ngiak ngiak~ heheheeeee....


come to tnk of it... no one. i repeat, no one has slapped me bfore. not mom, not dad. slap as in face wan larrr... n amy. the smallest in our family. slapped me. not js once sum more. kek tiok worr. so u js imagine how bad ur temper is lor. even mom n dad refrain from doing it. kevin so big size only the most slap pinch leg n hand only. come to tink of it... kevin seldom angry at me. or amy. hmmmm... (touch wood) anyway... bsides temper arrr... looks lor. this wan dunnit to say lor. looks wise get so many namecards. really hor.. i was looking for my stuff on the study table n then pop comes a name card. dig further on. pop another name card. dig sum more. u get the gist larr.. but the good thing is that when going out wif my sis, get free drinks from utter strangers. more freebies!! eheheheeee... n the guys not kiamsiap like buy one can wan owhh.. buy one whole frigging jug n gets the waiter to plonk it down in front of us. heheeeeee... benefits benefits indeed!

wad else? oyea.. if u noe amy the way i do... she is owes, i'll spell it out right to emphasize my point. ALWAYS. ALWAYS BORED. hear until sien liao lor. since how many years ago oledi hear that word. im bored. bored. bored. bored. I KNOW! ur ALWAYS bored. haizzzz.. but kinda used to it oledi. but ur in kuching. it aint gonna change overnight to sum metropolitan. so... learn to adjust lor... try to get used to it lor... thats bout it.

n now.. my turn. amy says she shud write bout me instead. to b fair marr.. but then.. since she's bz make up-ing, i shall do the honours. i try not to twist so much of the facts lor... =) or so i say. ngiak~

i tink she wants to screw me now. i tink i screwed up her eyeliner. mom trying to fix my mess. my make up so terrible mer? hmmmm... no ler. i tink lar.


ok. continue on. me... i tink i used to b happy go lucky. but these few recent years, i tink i got more hot tempered. i get annoyed more easily lorr.. i tink my mom n sis n kevin can vouch for that. not a good thing at all. wad else? i tink im kinda shy. i realise im kinda anti social. i dun tok much as compared to my other frens. not good ler. shud tok more. but how? m voice not as loud. n i seem to say the wrong things most of the time. i tink thats y i tok more when im online on msn. but then rite... i seldom chat wif amy online. when she's overseas larr.. cant seem to find anything to tok to her for long. hmmmmm.. weird.

wad else? aduh!! why the fuck does amy listen to this kinda song? this faye wong song. so ai si ai si wann. like gonna drop dead. yea. our taste varies. especially after she came back from london. oyea... i dunno why but ppl owes seem to say that im very naive. like... wtf man. so naive mer? naive sounds good when ur toking bout a cute little bunny. but too bad i dun resemble a cute bunny at all. not song at all. but then ... at least got plus side to this. ppl not scared of me scam them o sum shit. but honestly, i dunno what there is to tink. when i tok, i js tink of wad we're toking bout. when ppl ask me sumthing, i js focus on that thing. i dun see wad there is to tink. like in class nothing to do, i wont think of anything far far off. the most i tink of is plan wad to do later at home, or just tink of wad happened last nite, or wad not. ok fine. maybe im js a tad bit naive n simple-minded. comes to show my frenster profile. im uncomplicated. hah. u ppl cant learn to b like me. but i can gradually learn to b more complicated. i tink.

honestly, i dunno wtf is this song. is it even chinese? or english?? where does she find this kinda depressing songs? no wonder so sadistic lar. listen to this kinda songs long maybe make u wanna commit suicide. mournful. hey i'll probably play this song at ur funeral.

ok lar. one more thing. from the way i write this entry. u can agak agak that im pretty loso. heheheeee... long winded. not sumthing im proud of. but.. i js cant help it. i js haf to say a lot about sumthing. surprisingly, im only loso to my family members. i dun tok much outside. at all. so yeaa. ai chii arrr... this song again. "u r my sun, u r my moon... " din i js listen to this song? she no song isit?

ps: i'll let amy upload photos. since i dunno n dun bother to do it.

how's my blogging? leave comment lar. no matter how troublesome it is, say sumthing. let me noe. cos i do haf a non-existant blog that i might revive if got positive feedback. this is kinda fun. js complaining n complaining. =)
patutlah the title of my blog =(

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