Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ice skating

Suddenly reminiscing on ice skating. Don't know why. But maybe meeting with Aik Lung reminded me of London. He is leaving tomorrow. I don't remember my first ice skating trip. Was it with AL, Sze Lin and Shirley at Greenwich?

Blur photo intentional. My fat face not so clear. =) This photo was taken during Dec 05.

Yea, I think that was my first time ice skating. The rink wasn't so full and it was drizzling a little that cold winter night. I think I still kept the ticket to enter the ice rink that night. My first step on the ice, slipped a little but quickly got the hang of it. Ice skating is just like roller blades except much more slippery. If you go too quickly, you might fall on ice. Wet and painful and humiliating. But very fun to watch.

Willie's first time ice skating. Fell down and dragged Nifer down with him. It was hilarious and I had to take this photo. Some people like Wai Tjun loves coming up unexpectedly behind you and dragging you down with him. For fun. Siao.

Anyway. the photo below was ice skating in Newcastle. Our outing to the beach was canceled and we ended up ice skating that day. Oh yea, we all produced fake student IDs to get cheaper tickets that day. Everyone including Micky who wasn't even a student in UK. Just a tourist from Singapore pretending to be a student. Except Willie. He was honest when asked and said: no longer a student. The girl serving us actually smiled and said: so honest. But i'll give you student price. which caused everyone of us to laugh out loud.

Noobs learning how to skate. Damn. I miss those days.

Some people are really pro skaters, skating very fast, making fancy circles and twists and turns on the ice, but most people are average skaters. Going on in a smooth steady pace. Then there are the couples. Holding hands while skating together. And then there are the amateurs who hold on to the handrails letting go briefly to attempt to skate.

Happy happy times..

Micky, Shirley, me, Willie and Brandon.

The photo below was taken in London, this time with Wai Tjun, Eva and his friends from Plymouth. We were at Canary Wharf. I normally wear size 6 skates but don't know why this time the skates were so tight I hurt myself. My feet were bleeding badly by the end of that hour.

Shirley, me and Tjun.

Ice skating at Hyde Park, London on Dec 07 with Shirley, Nifer, Willie and Tjun. Very very cold night out ice skating. Was sick the next day. Probably the biggest ice skating rink among all of them and the most crowded. When skating, people tend to go anti clockwise in one direction. You don't go in the opposite direction or you get scolded or you bump into strangers and fall down together.

I miss these girls!! When will we meet again??

I've crashed into people or to the sides because I don't know how to brake to stop myself. Mostly I just hold out my hands to stop myself when I reach the side. On the ice rink, we all have our own pace. We move along by ourselves and wait by the side for each other talking, resting. Taking photos. Holding hands with Willie.

Yes reminiscing. I miss those times. I miss everyone. I actually miss winter. Hahaha..

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