Friday, 19 September 2008

Black and white

People are always making fun of me or exasperated when I try to hide/shield myself from the sun. In Kuching, I bring a jacket in the car ALL the time to shade myself. Two shades at the window, gloves for my hands, and always sunscreen SPF 50 when i go out in the day time. In the day time if I really have to go out of the car, I bring an umbrella if the situation allows or bring a jacket.

But I have my own reasons for wanting to be fair. I melt in the sun! wtf. Ok. I was really dark back in high school. Let me show you the black Amy.

Damn ugly.. This was 5 years ago.

Unplucked eyebrows like a bushman. Dark skinned. Ugly smile from ugly angle. I look like shit. Haha. Who in their right minds would want me then? lol

Grandma's birthday dinner at Lok Thian in 2004. 

This is fair skinned:
This is 5 years later. There isn't much difference except I'm much fairer. Everthing else is the same. My weight and height are the same minus eyebrows and pimples. I found that using Loreal Pure Zone helped a lot with my pimples. Skin is smoother and less acne prone. Touch on wood. Just wash, tone and moisturize with all three of the Loreal Pure Zone products. Works well for me but I know Shirley doesn't like it. Doesn't go well with her skin.

Black and white. Haha. My ex McD colleagues. I look so fair in contrast to them. Cheers guys!

This was taken at Westminster. Big Ben and the Parliament Houses in London.

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