Saturday, 20 September 2008

Saturday night

My typical normal Saturday night in Kuching would be dinner with the family outside at a restaurant. Mum never cooks on Saturday's since many many years ago and we always go out to whatever place we choose to eat. This weekend however, mum and dad have been quarrelling since last night. Winnie and I stayed home last night and tonight *gasp* because of this. So kwai. So unlike me! Haha..

So this Saturday night found me, winnie and kevin at home playing cards (Big 2), Uno, and Gin Rummy. Btw since we didn't eat out we tapau Pizza!

Bored siblings reunited in the face our parents squabble. Haha..ok. that was very lame. 

Accompanied by whiskey coke. =p So ironic that our older brother Kevin doesn't drink at all. He hates alcohol. Can't drink at all. I remember once in the pub my cousin forced him to down one mug of Heineken and he threw up afterwards in the toilet straightaway with blood some more. He just can't drink alcohol. 

I hate Kevin's mouth! When he wins he just can't stop teasing me or Winnie. He calls her pig! All the time. When he himself is so much fatter. And he always do stuff such as sing: Amy loses again, again, forever losing. then proceeds to laugh himself stupid. wtf.  When he loses, he said how he ALMOST won. How he had the cards but end up losing to us. sigh. why am i cursed with this brother??!! =p

Jenga. Didn't play this cos it would be too noisy. Didn't want to risk mum and sad scolding us again.

Titanic cards winnie bought many years ago in Taiwan. Jeez. I forgot about these.

And Kevin's Dragonball cards. Kids wtf. Hahaha...spend money on these crap!

Me? When in Taiwan I spend money on stickers when I was young. Then as I got older, clothes, accessories, shoes, and handbags. Kevin spends on food when he goes back nowadays.

Anyway that is our Saturday night. Now that we finished our card games some 3 hours later Kev is back to his computer games, Winnie is watching dvd and I'm online! 

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