Sunday, 21 September 2008


I'm seriously bored now. And what do seriously bored people do?

Write crap!

Don't want to write anything sadist and pessimist lest I get screwed by WInnie again! Sigh. WHy does my younger sister gets to scold me?! WHy?! Cos she's smarter. haha. I'm a bimbo with no brains. My MBA was bought from screwing Dr Kumar. Haha. That was a sarcastic joke in case you didn't know.

I'm hungry! Must be my hormones out of control. Period coming.

Last night with mum and dad they started talking about Japanese guys and the conversation turned to my ex. Kazutoyo Hirano. My Japanese bastard of a boyfriend. Anyway. I came across some BBQ photos we had back in those days when we still stayed together. I lived with some Japanese, 2 Spanish guys and 1 Polish guy. Kaz was a vegetarian and while I was with him, I also became vegatarian. Therefore our BBQ consists of corn, salmon fish, bread, pizza, green and red peppers and lots of alcohol and weed!

Simon lighting the BBQ in 6 Linkway London.

Nobu and Maiko preparing the pizza. Very nice people. Can you tell Nobu is a model back in Japan? Hot he is! Even in London. Its so weird to hear a guy tell you: don't eat so much McD. Fat! I felt so guilty eating a cheeseburger in front of him!

Me and Simon's mum preparing the food. Shirley in the background.


3 Spanish guys, one Polish guy and one Japanese. We stayed in the same house then. So many memories. Good and bad.

Leam prepared these mushrooms. Spanish dish he said. Basil and garlic on top of mushrooms. Delish! Yum.

Simon and I looking buri buri. In our living room. I miss those guys. In a way. Life was so fun with them. Going to concerts in the park and dancing with hundreds of people. Going to the park late at night. Going to their rooms to listen to thier guitar playing. Simon is a musician and damn he is good! Even in London people were staring as he jumped up and down to the music in the clubs. 

Leam, Simon and Nobu at Finsbury Park posing. 

Me in the red room; a room at the 3rd floor of the house. Simon came down one night and knocked on our doors handing out tickets to their band in their red room at night. Truth be told it was fun living in that house but only for a few months. 

Simon and I at Finsbury Park. The Wailers were playing at Finsbury Park.

Squeezing in among the crowd.

Maiko, Simon's mum, me and Simon.

The photo below was taken at Brighton 06. I'm such a useless camwhore. I hardly dress up, put on make up or take decent photos of myself that I can't find any nice photos to post up. 

Going to sleep now. Bye.

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