Monday, 8 September 2008


Lazy to blog yet feel the need to update. So I shall talk about Harry Potter. One of the loves of my life. Hehe. Too bad no new books coming out. Only movies and I am so not looking forward to the movie. It always turns out disappointing me. They cut too much and don't make an effort to follow the books.

When I bragged to Winnie and mum that I saw Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and the rest of Harry Potter movie crew, they hardly cared. But when Kevin said he saw Jolin Tsai at Taiwan they were all: saw Jolin?? In flesh? She was singing etc etc..

I haven't been to Taiwan in years. The only celebrity I saw there was Pan Wei Bo. Then, I didn't even know who he was. He was giving a mini concert and signing autographs. I squeezed in the crowd with my cousin then left shortly. Only back home watching tv in Taiwan, I recognized his face in the commercials and I realized: ohh...I saw him!! Bit idiotic and slow, I know.

I miss Taiwan. I miss my cousins, I miss my auntie, uncle and grandfather. Because I can't read Chinese words, I always have to stick close to my cousins whenever we go out else I'd get lost. And I don't know the way back home. And my mandarin to them is funny. Most people know straightaway that I'm not a local cos my mandarin sucks. I miss the food and the shopping!!

Most people probably tried the stinky tauhu but I never did cos I don't eat tauhu on principal though I still remember the smell. Like rotten eggs and dirty drains. My cousins like to bring us to try those Taiwan specialty but at the same time neglect to tell us how special it is.

I want to go to Taiwan but my mum's not going back this year. Boo. My cousin's coming next year for Chinese New Year. Looking forward.

I shall continue this some other time...cos I'm lazy...

Ending with a photo:


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