Thursday, 11 September 2008

One fine day

One fine summers day after class we decided to go to Ethan's house for dinner. We here refers to our little clique consisting of Ethan, Quan, Vincent, Lien, Peter and I. We went to a local Sainsbury and bought some steak, spaghetti, and pizza.

Lien and Peter being the best cooks among us marinated the steak and made the spaghetti while Ethan prepared some miso soup. Vincent, Quan and I were the food taster and dish washer.

Thai chef preparing Italian food. Hmm.. Peter is from Thailand and an excellent cook. I've tried his cooking on many occasions. His curries are fantastic. Damn. I miss Thai food!

Tuna fish and onion spaghetti with cheddar cheese. Nice combination by Lien. Another great chef. I'm a terrible cook. I cook easy stuff mostly soup, vege and egg only. Cos they're not fattening. Haha. I only cook chicken and pork because someone else wants to eat them. If I stay alone, I really might become a vegetarian again. 

Steak was horrible. We bought the cheapest steak available and it was like rubber. Chew chew chew and we didn't finish it in the end. 

Pizza. One of the loves of my life. We bought this from Sainsbury. Just pop it into the oven to bake and voila. Delicious pizza. 

Me, Ethan and Lien. Quan in front of the laptop. I gained weight right? Sux.

After dinner what do you do when you're bored? Besides drinking alcohol.

Ethan, Peter and I started taking random photos trying to be artistic while the other 3 were surfing the net. Please look at the photos in their order. We painstakingly tried to create photos that would look like we're together. Ok. Quite lame and I don't know how to explain. Just enjoy the photos.

Me pretending to see Peter. Btw very nice garden right? Perfect for summer bbq which we did have as well. I'll post next time. Lazy now.

Peter pretending to stare at me wtf i know.

Ethan watching us. 

No caption required.




There is no cure for boredom apparently.

Peter and his cactus.

Hear no evil?

They were searching the net for hot guys. Why I wonder are 4 guys so interested in men?

We've been through a lot together last year and I miss them all. Peter, Lien, Vincent and Ethan are still in London. Quan is back in China already with a steady job. Gone were those carefree days and I wonder when will we all meet again? Take care everyone and keep in touch!

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