Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Toshiba no good

My Toshiba laptop has gone crazy on me again. Wending is going to gloat like crazy when he reads this. Why is my Toshiba so different from Nifer's Toshiba? Damn. Bought this laptop only less than a year ago and already so many problems. Remember never to buy cheap laptop during boxing day again!

Maybe its my problem. But I'm actually quite gentle with my laptop compared to some people I know. One friend I know actually poured water accidentally over her laptop twice. And another friend, he hits the laptop when he loses the game he's playing. I mean hit really hard. Then the laptop shuts down of course. When he next turn it on, its working fine! Both their laptops last longer than mine.

But me. I never hit my laptop, I never pour water on my laptop. Why is it my laptop with the problem? How is this fair!

But er.. actually I accidentally dropped my Acer laptop once. twice. three times. but it was a short fall. onto a soft cushion some more. Can't be that big a deal right? Argghh.. I hate myself sometimes. Lousy at taking care of my things. God knows I've been scolded so many times by Winnie for losing earrings. Scolded by mum for throwing my stuff everywhere around the house. Scolded by Shirley too. =P

Oh yea this is out of topic but I'm gonna say it anyway. I've dropped my Sony Ericsson w800i so many times I forgot. Onto hard concrete cement floor. And its working fine. But its very lagging though and battery cannot last for more than one day. Wahh..I need a new phone.

Ok. Enough. Going to claim my warranty tomorrow. Bye

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